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Naruto Hinata Hugo Hugo is an Arab man on the run who has suffered from drug addiction and hallucinations since childhood. But, one day he finds what he has been looking for for so long – a medicine that brings him back to life. A chemist who took a strange pill left him in a strange place and he begins a normal life, but the drug addiction quickly returns to him. Deciding to escape from the country where he ended up, Hugo stumbles upon an amazing adventure.
Synopsis: By the river in the Ou region, there lives a young girl named Hina Monogan. She grew up in a military family with a silver spoon in her mouth. In her free time, she sang songs with her father and teacher. She waited a very long time and dreamed of meeting this man…
Short story: Young Goro on the way to Hogwarts stumbled upon an unknown and strange man. He was curious and he invited the stranger to spend the night, the guy promised that there would be only songs. But in the morning, a strange person was taken away. He says that he has another person and must help him return.
From: Moscow. Zelenograd.
Category: Narutica (topics not visible on the main page)
Title: Read by Naruto last year and wished for (with obligatory addition)
Brief description: He lost track of time, but he always checked his watch against it. He is too naive and does not notice what is happening around. He swears when he is angry, he is too kind. He is oblique, does not notice much, but this does not really bother him. He does not notice how people swear among themselves, he does not even understand what is happening around. He feels sorry for those around him and tries to help everyone. He believes in goodness and justice.Description: At the Guilty Goro Jr., on the orders of the judge, a certain “dissatisfied” subject attacks. He wanted to cause a disturbance in Hinata’s store and apparently hoped that the guy would not pay attention to him. But Hina-chan found out that his name was a certain Munozaki. He was very upset and was afraid that the guy would be shot. But he was lucky that Goro saw him and found out who



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