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Update: I solved the issue by installing the latest version of Cillers. The old one didn’t work.
In my case the issue was caused by playing a JAR file.
I assumed that the JAR was corrupted and tried to view its properties in Windows file explorer.
It showed me a message that Windows protected the file and ‘whitelisted’ its content as an executable.
So I tried to examine the ‘whitelisted content’ by using Cillers app and found that it’s the Cillers JAR which has executable content.
In order to solve the problem I just uninstalled the corrupted JAR.

Clears, McIlroy pair for Tiger wins

Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell became the first players to win The Players Championship in three straight years, and new champion Justin Rose was in a class of his own.

McIlroy edged third-place finisher Carl Pettersson by a stroke to earn his second victory of the season at the Bellerive Country Club and book his place in the U.S. Open, with hopes of regaining the world number one ranking http://www.reiten-scheickgut.at/foo_tunes-with-license-key-download/


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