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Rocket of Whispers is the story of a game that could be their own game! Set in a post-apocalyptic desert, we follow the two main protagonists through the journey to recover their legacy.
A young, morally upstanding scholar who studies the seemingly forgotten language of the alien visitors known as the Elviks. He travels the wasteland to research their legacy and unlock the mysteries of the Elviks’ mysterious language.
A volatile young boxer who spends his days on the road away from the emptiness of his life. However, despite the distance, Johnny has also ventured into the desert, making him a valuable ally to Fei as they search for the answers to the Elviks’ legacy.
Together, they forge a path to uncover the true reason for the Elviks’ disappearance and to defeat the forces of a ruthless corporation.
Meet Fei and Johnny, main characters of Rocket of Whispers – a game that was our own game!
Rocket of Whispers is a game that was built from our very souls, and we couldn’t love it more. We want to share its beautiful atmosphere with you in the form of this artbook, and we hope you’ll enjoy this sneak peek into how we created a post-apocalyptic world!
FEI RINGCRAFT – Born in 2002, Rocket of Whispers is a game that took us three years to complete. The first gaming studio I ever worked at, the experience in indie gaming was particularly meaningful to me. We were able to create games of varying degrees of difficulty, all with a fan base that we can be proud of. After taking a break, I realized we still had a lot to say to people, so we switched gears and were able to create our first full-fledged project.
I wanted to experiment with a game that’s divided into chapters and with a unique plot and characters. Rocket of Whispers follows the core ideals of Rocket Games: flexibility, simplicity, and quality. We put a lot of love and creativity into our game and hope you’ll enjoy it!
We hope you’ll enjoy this sneak peek into the special atmosphere we were able to create!

ROCKET OF WHISPERS Official Artbook + Bonus World Map!
This curated companion piece for Rocket of Whispers includes 30+ pages of gorgeous character art, maps, and environments, along with previously unseen concepts from early development that are revealed for the first


Features Key:

  • The Game Concept
    • Take the role of the Orphan, the Light General who must destroy the Dark General who has his claws into Lucifer, to seal away the lost power of the Orphans.
    • Unravel the Mystery of the Magic Academy with Unblock, the exclusive artbook, the three-dimensional world map plus the best-selling, complexly crafted system game.
  • Get ready to experience the millions of hidden secrets and hidden numbers once you make the first move!
  • Watch over Lara’s awakening and tell her only True tale in the beautiful, mighty world!
  • You’ll truly be born again, in the game that gives you a brand new adventure to experience. Time to play…and unravel the truth!
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      OPUS: Rocket Of Whispers Official Artbook + Bonus World Map Crack + Free Download

      OPUS: Rocket of Whispers is an innovative visual novel RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by mutated creatures and steeped in mystery. Explore the story of John and Fei, an international militant and a mysterious military scientist, as they uncover a conspiracy that threatens to erode their fragile alliances and undo the peace they have fought so hard to secure.
      Revealed for the first time are glimpses of early concepts, including themes and characters that would later be solidified through extensive development.
      The Artbook includes the game’s beautiful premise as well as illustrations of gorgeous characters and environments with which you can explore and uncover the secrets of the OPUS universe!
      *The artbook will initially be released in Traditional Chinese only. A separate English version will be released promptly after for everyone who owns the artbook.
      *The artbook will be released on the same day as the game, February 9th, 2019!Top Posts


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      OPUS: Rocket Of Whispers Official Artbook + Bonus World Map Full Product Key PC/Windows

      OverviewUnlock new clothing for all characters, as well as new hairstyles and accessories, to create a world truly unique to YOU!Overcome enemy encounters in an open-ended environment through a variety of combat styles.Welcome to OPUS: Rocket of Whispers, a deep, text-based survival experience that brings an incredibly unique new spin to the traditional MMORPG.Set in a fictional fantasy world, the game immerses players in a perilous world of old traditions and new perils. Guide the characters through their roles in a different type of story-driven game that combines action and roleplay, and that also includes interaction with NPCs and environments.OPUS: Rocket of Whispers features a story-driven storyline and self-directed skill systems that combine fast-paced combat with deep narrative.In each area of the game you will have to choose your character’s role, picking from one of six roles ranging from a Rogue who runs from fights to a Mystic who uses the element of magic to stay safe.Beyond the character classes, there are many other roles to play, including a Mayor, Spy, General, Knight, Hunter and Priest.As well as choosing a character’s role, players can also choose a role for their player character and their player character’s equipment.The various roles bring different challenges and skills, but it is the equipment that really sets the roles apart.Equipment consists of several different types: weapons, armor and accessories, and can have many different mods.From a wide selection of weapons, choose your favorite weapon to equip. Armor, both decorative and functional, can give you extra defense and protection, or it can be used to give characters who wear it special bonuses.Accessories can help you survive whatever dangers you encounter. Some accessories are better suited for stealth, others can increase defense or attack power, while some provide extra utility such as health restoration or vision or force feedback.Your equipment also provides a wide range of bonuses, including passive and active bonuses. Passives include bonuses such as higher movement speed or the ability to stay undetected, while active bonuses include magic spells to give characters a powerful boost.Equip your character with all kinds of items from fine silken robes to powerful suits of armor, it’s up to you what kind of equipment your characters will use.OPUS: Rocket of Whispers gives you the power to choose your own destiny: design and customize your own items!• All items can be customized with various accessories that come with different bonuses• Futhermore, you will


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