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P R Vittal Ebook 15


P R Vittal Ebook 15

vittal is a true believer in social-media listening. his advice, for brands with limited budgets, is to see if their vendors have something to offer. for example, if a store is tracking what is said about their store on twitter or other social sites, that is a very powerful and simple-to-build listening system. in fact, vittal says, that is a listening system that works for any retailer!

for more insight, video chat with vittal at shluv mom 2012 on november 20 at 1:30 p.m. et and for a full audio on vittal at shluv mom 2012 on november 20 at 2:30 p. et. you can also watch the video on shluv house’s youtube channel . or watch a replay of vittal’s talk on shluv house’s shluv mom 2012 website .

check back in later this year when we talk to the shluv house about their social media storytelling campaign and how they are changing the way the media market functions by using the power of social media.

notably, vittal has made it clear that he is looking forward to listening to podcasts, one day. indeed, many of his clients are already very aware of this shift in consumer behavior. if you were to monitor a brand and not be able to listen to consumers, he says, it would be like losing a lead before it had ever been formed. if you are on social-media platforms and you are not listening, you are missing the heartbeat and the pulse of the conversation. if you aren’t listening on podcasts, youre missing a world of information.

vittal says the next frontier for brand monitoring is conversational commerce. he describes this as the next fundamental evolution of listening. vittal expects this trend to be game-changing. in conversational commerce, the marketer is not just listening to the consumer, but connecting with the consumer and understanding their needs and desires. vittal is excited about the possibilities this will bring to the masses. if it is used properly, he says, it could save marketers a great deal of money and time.

the key to using social media is finding the influencers and capitalizing on what they say, he says, and listening platforms do just that. by collecting social-media conversations and allowing brands to tap into those influencers, they can formulate strategy, craft messaging, and deploy campaigns. this, he says, is the value proposition behind listening platforms — it enables brands to listen to the way people talk about their brands.
the ebook provides a number of examples of brands responding quickly and proactively to crisis, and vittal points to nespresso as another example. vittal calls nespresso the pioneer of listening, noting that it took the company just months to tap into the growing trend of coffee consumers having the same discussions online and how that then helped nespresso’s marketing. vittal says that brand-monitoring companies need to take action now, while they have the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. he states that this can help companies avoid the fate of past companies that tried and failed to understand what was happening to their brand.
in addition to several case studies, vittal says that he’s proud of the work his team and partners have accomplished in such a short amount of time. the company has been able to ship books in only two months of launch and it’s been one to one with the 25,000+ retailers and brands it intends to sell to. vittal stresses that his mission is to help companies keep up with the consumer conversation and make smart business decisions. he says he expects to see more vendors coming to market in the next year.




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