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* The Adobe website offers a free 30-day trial of Photoshop at `
* Every Photoshop user should have a copy of Adobe Learning Guides ( ) on hand for accessing any of the Photoshop tutorials online.
* To purchase Photoshop for a subscription, visit __.
* Windows users can use Photoshop in a variety of applications, such as Windows 8, from a traditional desktop (or laptop) PC. Also visit ` for a collection of Photoshop shortcuts.

* * *

## Illustrator

The image-editing software Adobe Illustrator offers a vector-based workflow for manipulating vector graphics and manipulating vector graphics as raster images. The key difference between Photoshop and Illustrator is the type of user-customization ability each program offers. Photoshop is powerful, yet a little daunting to anyone new to Adobe applications. Illustrator’s ease of use, simple interface, and large community of users makes it popular for many beginners. Check out the differences in Figure 3-22 and Figure 3-23.

* * *

**Figure 3-22** Illustrator CS6 control panel with raster image shown on top

* * *

**Figure 3-23** Illustrator CS6 control panel with vector image shown on top

Illustrator uses a set of layers that work in a similar manner to those in Photoshop. Although Illustrator doesn’t offer the same edit capability, it offers many advantages for beginners.

* Objects that are placed on a layer may be placed in any position on the canvas. You can move and rotate layers independently.
* You may do most of your edits right on a single layer. Because you will want to go back and revisit these edits later, you can simply copy a new layer to the stack and easily edit the copy and discard the original at a later date.
* When you are finished, you can apply a preset setting to the layer and all other layers created for the same image.

Figure 3-24 shows the Illustrator control panel that is common to all applications in the Adobe Design Suite.

* * *

**Figure 3-24** Adobe Illustrator control panel with raster images shown

Photoshop CC 2015 Version 18 Crack+ Full Product Key

Photoshop/Elements is the most popular and widely used photo editing software, and most of the other software used by photographers and designers are owned by its parent company Adobe.

This article will outline the best features of Photoshop/Elements, giving you quick and easy ways to create great images.

Exposure, Contrast, Color Balance, Sharpness, Vignette and Noise Removal, Photo Filters


Album Viewer


Additional Tools

Quick Tips

Exposure, Contrast, Color Balance, Sharpness, Vignette and Noise Removal, Photo Filters


Isolating objects

By Using the Fuzziness and Threshold To quickly isolate objects from a picture in Photoshop, you must first create a selection around the object you want to isolate by clicking on the layer you want to select.

If you’re trying to isolate a gray cylinder from a photo, you would click on the gray cylinder and a selection outline would appear around it. Next click on the Exposure tool and move it above and beside the gray cylinder.

Next, while pressing Shift, click on the cylinder so that you’re able to select the cylinder. You can click on the cylinder itself to deselect the cylinder, or you can press the Select button to deselect the cylinder.

Next use the Fuzziness and Threshold tool to deselect the cylinder.

Repeat this step until you’ve selected the objects in your photo you want to isolate.

Next go to the Adjustments panel and look for the Levels tool. Click on this tool to activate it.

Next, you must drag a level slider beside the Levels tool. The object you’ve selected will be darkened by the Levels tool.

To adjust the Levels tool, click and drag it around the cylinder and levels will adjust accordingly.

Repeat this step until you’re satisfied.

You must use the Levels tool frequently to adjust your object so it does not look like it has been touched.

Next, look for the Brightness/Contrast tool under the Adjustments panel. Click on this tool to activate it.

Next, click on the Threshold tool and drag it on the top edge of the screen until the edges of the object you want to adjust have turned black.

Drag the tool until you have darkened the object to a black color

Photoshop CC 2015 Version 18 With Serial Key Free Download 2022


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