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1. The first Photoshop layers are critical to doing digital imaging. The layers allow you to create a 3-D view of an image — you can make separate layers that are transparent or covered with other, solid layers. With the layers, you can add and delete any part of an image by using the tools at the bottom of each layer.

The term “layer” is a misnomer. There are actually dozens of different layers in a Photoshop image, and often there are more than 100.

As shown in Figure 1-2, there are two image areas: the layer area and the nonlayer area. In Figure 1-2, the image is a duplicate of a file and is on a layer called Layer 1. You can see the layer area, but the file is also visible, and in Figure 1-2, you can see the nonlayer area.

Photoshop’s layers are like a stack of index cards, or layers of a deck of cards. Each layer has its own set of commands. As you work with the layers in a file, you can select, delete, add, and manipulate layers to make a final image. You use layers to make digital photographs. They are the raw material of an image; if you take away the layers, you take away an image.

You can begin editing your photo with layers as soon as you open the Photoshop file. You can’t add layers to an image that is not a “file” and doesn’t have the typical Photoshop file format.

You start with a file or camera card that contains only one layer. You then add additional layers to create more sophisticated and detailed images. You can add layers to an image as many times as you want. Any layer can have an alpha channel or some transparency, which makes it transparent to the layer below. In most cases, Photoshop uses the topmost layer as the alpha channel. This means that the layers below this layer have transparency.

Photoshop can’t manipulate layers until you add them to a file or file card. That’s because a layer is just an image and Photoshop can’t modify an image until it’s in a file.

The nonlayer area is full of files and tools and isn’t as important to discuss here.

**Figure 1-2:** The top layer is a file, and the rest of the layers are layers inside the file.

Exploring Photoshop Layers

Photoshop uses layers to create 3-D images.

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This article is no substitute for working through the manual, so if you are an experienced photographer, graphic designer or web designer, you will know most of this.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you get used to the layers and tools in Photoshop. Be sure to play around with the grid view first, learn how to use the “smart guides” and play around with the canvas. You can learn most of the things you need to do here in less than 20 minutes.

To save time, I usually create a document which is already made up of various sections. This makes it really easy to add edits and swap between the different styles.

If you want to work in a non-destructive workflow, you can generate previews from your photos and instantly save your layers in Photoshop Elements. This takes much of the pain out of working on a project with complicated edits as you don’t need to spend ages retouching an image. It is a very fast way of creating a final edit.

Below is a break-down of the tools you’ll find in Photoshop.

Tool Settings

The sidebar on the left contains the tools you’ll find in the editing section of the program.

Window Toolbar Settings

You can access the window toolbar at any time by pressing the letter A (Mac) or Ctrl+O (Windows).

The window toolbar contains all the standard editing tools:

The Opacity slider (represented by the yellow arrow) controls how transparent or opaque an image is.

If you hold down the shift key and drag from the top to the bottom the opacity slider increases by 0.1

If you hold down the alt key and drag down from the top to the bottom the opacity slider decreases by 0.1

The black arrow in the center of the toolbox will move the image around in its original or cropped position.

The white arrow in the center of the toolbox will scale the image without distorting.

You can use the zoom tool in the toolbox to zoom the image.

The horizontal arrows in the toolbox will resize the image horizontally to the left or right.

The vertical arrows in the toolbox will resize the image vertically to the top or bottom.

Holding down the space bar and clicking the + or – buttons will increase or decrease the size of a selection.

Use the red

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GLIGLI is a design studio based in London, focusing on real world solutions, often through industrial design. We’re also builders, craftsmen, plumbers, sculpters and bakers and we know what it takes to make the impossible possible.News

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The Eraser tool allows you to erase bits of an image by painting over those parts. This can be used to remove unwanted background objects in an image.

The Gradient tool allows you to easily create different types of linear and curved gradients. You can select a color from the palette to create the gradient.

The Pen Tool allows you to draw squiggles and wiggles on an image. You can select an area of an image to be put on the canvas and then manipulate the canvas and change the starting and end points of the lines.

Photoshop Actions are very useful for adding common Photoshop features and/or techniques to a photo. An action is a collection of steps that can be run automatically after the action is selected from the Actions panel. For example, a collection of steps that compress the files can be run after the files have been compressed.

Raster Effects

Blending Modes



Filter Gallery


Lens Correction



Picture Match

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You can use both the SkyUI 2.5.x and SkyUI 5.0.x core. The SkyUI 2.5.x core does not have any dependencies.
Using the latest available version of the mod manager. Download the latest version of SkyUI from the mod manager. Install it through the mod manager.
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