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Layers Raster Images Vector

Adobe Photoshop can create raster images as well as vector images. When you open a file or create a new document, Photoshop automatically creates a single raster image that holds all the layers. Unlike a vector image, when you import a Photoshop or Illustrator file, you are bringing the object into the program rather than the program creating it on the fly.

The good news is that you can work on a file with layers and export the image with layers as well. In Figure 1-1, you see the Layer panel showing that the file has a background, a portrait, and a text box all on separate layers. (We discuss layers in detail in the next section.) After you export the file, you can see that the background layer remains intact and the other layers are stacked one on top of the other.

**Figure 1-1:** A layer-based file is easy to edit and export.

Vector versus raster in Photoshop

A raster image is a bitmap image that holds information in the same location as it would on a piece of paper. A vector image uses a grid system to store information. Although Photoshop has both types of images, the vast majority of images in the world are vector.

Vector images can be created or manipulated in Illustrator, CorelDraw, or PhotoShop. These programs can easily open and save vector files. However, if you are new to Photoshop, you may find it easier to learn how to work with raster files.

When you make changes to a raster file, the pixels in the image that change are overlaid onto the original image rather than being created anew. It is important to understand that a raster image is technically a bitmap, so the file doesn’t store a model of an image — only a picture of the pixels on your computer.

In Chapter 6, we explore how to use Photoshop’s tools to create and manipulate raster images.

Mastering Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is a lean and user-friendly version of Photoshop. Instead of trying to offer advanced features, Elements offers simplified options that make it a great choice for people who are new to working with Adobe’s software.

The programs are essentially the same, with some differences. Elements offers fewer editing tools than Photoshop does, and it has less depth. Elements is also easier to use because you don’t need to create complex layers. However, the effects

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There are many features that are similar to Photoshop, however, you cannot create or edit layers, there are no special effects or filters, you can only sharpen or soften images and crop them, and some features have been deprecated.

Those features that are only available in the professional version are: Warp, Lens Correction, Image Adjustment, History, Plugins, Lighting Effects, Camera Raw, RAW Converter, Lightroom Classic, Project Wide and Vector Edit.

What does it do?

Let’s take a look at some of the features that are unique to Photoshop Elements.

Save to JPEG

The advantage of JPEG images is that they can be used for online communication.

There are quite a few options for saving images as JPEG.

The first thing you need to do is choose the size of your photo.

Next, you can select your crop type from the Crop Type dropdown menu.

If you chose Original, the photo will be saved as a regular rectangular image and if you selected Wrap, it will be saved as a circular image.

The original image will be saved at the top of the image, and the selected area will be saved at the bottom.

The crop area can be resized independently of the image, and you can then drag the cursor around to select the size and shape.

Adobe Photoshop Elements automatically saves new versions of the image as new files, so you don’t need to save the whole project as one file.

Alternatively, you can use the Crop tool, press Alt+0 and then select the Crop Tool.

You can move around the crop frame and adjust the size and shape with the handles.

Use the Direct Selection Tool (D-Bar) to highlight the image.

Choose Edit > Copy.

Finally, deselect the image with the Crop tool, press alt+0 and select Paste from the main menu.

You can now change the image size and crop it as usual.

Saving as JPEG is the best option if you need to post large images on social media, because JPEG is a lossless format, which means that it doesn’t compress the image.

You may also want to save to JPEG when you

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