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PingSMS Crack Free Registration Code Free [Updated]

PingSMS Activation Code allows you to automatically monitor hosts or devices and internet lines for availability (up or down) and informs you instantaneously by SMS. PingSMS runs as a command line utility and allows you to ping multiple hosts. You can test the connection and also send a text message to a mobile phone number.

PingSMS is a command line program with a friendly GUI, that allows you to automatically monitor the availability of multiple devices and internet connections, and instantly notify you by SMS if the connections are not available.

You can also check the status of an Apple Computer, a Linux machine or a Windows machine. To do so, you just have to enter the URL of an SSH connection and the names of the hosts in a configuration file.

In addition, you can also use the regular pinging.
It will help you discover the problem if a connection is not available any more.

PingSMS is a command line tool. You can use it in many Linux and Windows operating systems. But you need to install it first.

PingSMS is a command line tool with a friendly GUI for monitoring and immediately notifying the availability of multiple devices. It allows you to ping different hosts, access points, IP addresses, IP blocks… and, if there is any problem, it sends you an SMS message. It also has the ability to ping multiple devices. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 3, and the latest version is 1.2.6.

The program needs the following libraries to run and you must install them before starting the program for the first time: libssl and libcurl


PingSMS comes as a RPM package.

Download the package for RPM or use the following commands in the terminal to install the latest version of the software:

By default, the program saves its configuration file with the name of the user who started the program.

After running the program for the first time, you must add the following line in the configuration file, named homedir (for example, /home/my-user-name/pingsms.conf): firstroom “ap”

The first line is used to define the IP address for the first connection and the second line is used to define the name of the second connection.

Note that the program can also be installed as a portable app using the format: /opt/pingsms

PingSMS Crack + X64 (Updated 2022)

PingSMS Crack Free Download is a generic utility that allows you to continuously ping multiple IP addresses or hosts/devices and send a message to a mobile phone number if connectivity is detected.
PingSMS can be used for network monitoring purposes to ensure the availability of a remote server, and also to notify a mobile phone user if a computer is not available.


Checking unavailability of Windows ports and opening of those ports is so easy with MonkeyParkingAgent, you can also do it remotely and automatically.

Opengeneri Description:
MonkeyParkingAgent is a program that will monitor your PC, Open a Ports, log files and notifies you for any alert.
MonkeyParkingAgent is a replacement for two software, which is usually installed with a firewall.
These softwares:
a) Network Monitor that checks the network connection, gives information if any problems detected and notifies you.
b) Logger (usually automatically installed) that allows you to monitor those logs you want to be monitored.
c) Alerts Manager that notifies you if a problem detected, by SMS, email, chat messenger.

OpenMessages allows you to receive, read, delete and send messages without involving the Internet or any e-mail services, by using
your local contacts database.

Opengeneri Description:
OpenMessages is a program that allows you to receive, read, delete and send messages without involving the Internet or any e-mail services, by using your local contacts database.
The program can receive messages when it has a connection, when it is disconnected, when it is in stand-by mode.
It is also possible to have the program automatically check your messages on a regular basis.
OpenMessages has been enhanced to the point that it can also create its own messages and send them to the user by using his/her contact information.

OpenRemoteMonitor is a program to remotely and automatically monitor the status of windows, start up applications, folders, users, disk, printers, network interfaces and services.

Opengeneri Description:
OpenRemoteMonitor is a program to remotely and automatically monitor the status of windows, start up applications, folders, users, disk, printers, network interfaces and services.
OpenRemoteMonitor can remotely monitor over LAN a remote windows computer.
OpenRemoteMonitor can be used to remotely monitor servers or workstations.
This program monitors remote Windows Operating systems and not

PingSMS Crack For Windows [Updated-2022]

PingSMS is a simple, fast and feature-rich utility that allows you to monitor and control network resources.

The program has the following characteristics:
The status of the computer network or the Internet, the Internet connection quality, a list of hosts and servers and their ping times.
The program automatically sends SMS messages to a mobile phone number when a change is detected in the network’s state, and when problems with a particular host or server occur.

The program has the following features:

Change color code depending on the status of the network (Online, Offline, Disconnected),

Change color code depending on the Internet connection state (disconnected / connected to an Internet connection / connected to the Internet),

The ping times received from particular hosts and servers are graphically presented for quick and easy visual analysis (profiles for hosts and servers),

Help file contains detailed instruction how to use the program.

PingSMS screenshots

PingSMS has been tested with:

Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server,

with other non-Windows operating systems it may be possible that the program doesn’t work properly.

Note: You need to have set up a working SMS gateway and make sure you have chosen a number to which you have the right to send SMS messages.

3. Download



Download size:

1.6 MB



More similar programs:

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This program is a personal information manager, whose main purpose is to organise your life. It allows you to easily organise and manage your files, contacts and other information. This program provides a clean and easy to use GUI, and a lot of customisation options.

This program helps you to manage your e-mail. You can move, copy and forward your messages with custom messages and HTML messages, so that you will never have a problem when you receive an e-mail from a non-technical person.

This program allows you to monitor and control

What’s New In?

Compile and install the tool to monitor hosts on a local network or the internet and send SMS messages.

TestHost is a new micro-application which is available for testing / debugging purposes only. It serves the purpose to test the services and the code for a blog and report / analyze your web-based software / web applications – within a remote host environment without needing to install the blog/ web-app on that host. It currently is limited to: Apache, Nginx, Gunicorn, MongoDB and Redis. It is still in development and I want to know what you want to see in TestHost. TestHost has been tested and works on Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, MacOSX El Capitan and on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 64bit.
The program is based on the concept of the popular Service Management Framework (SMF) – a unit-testing framework for PHP applications. TestHost can simulate several common server-side scenarios, such as connecting, login, requests, views, file uploads, etc. Each scenario is handled by a single PHP script, which can easily be modified or extended. It also provides remote logs for the connected host(s).
The following statistics and tests can be executed (depending on the settings):
– GET requests to /
– POST requests to /
– Set cookies
– Log in
– Receive requests
– Check login validity
– File upload
– File downloads
– JSON response
– Views and pages

It lets you run a MySQL test on your computers without downloading or installing the tool. It is best for those using MySQL and wanting to check their MySQL connection. It is also handy when you want to see if all the MySQL components are setup properly on your computer.
Steps to Test MySQL:

Open MySQL and click on Start.
Click on Test MySQL.
The test takes a few seconds to run the query and displays the results.
Click on the (i) button at the lower right to close the test.

It is a PHP script that is designed to test Php. It lets you create URLs, test them and extract the response from a remote server. It supports GET, POST and Cookie using a POST request.
$remote_host = “”;
$remote_port = 80;
$post_data = array(
“username” => “”,

System Requirements For PingSMS:

This mod requires BeamNG.Chase, the included modification. To find out if your car is compatible, open up the.esp in the BeamNG folder and check the “Compatibility” list.
If your vehicle is not listed, please install BeamNG.Chase first.
Bug reports are also welcome on the Steam Workshop.
Bugs can be reported via the Steam Workshop.
Please do not report bugs via email.
Please do not send me bug reports. If you want to know something more than possible bug fixes

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