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Planet Cnc Usb Controller Keygen 24


USB controller for computer-assisted lathes, dremels, routers and milling machines. No software required.

Developed and manufactured by Rieger USA since 1980.

25 RPM, 4 Axis motors and steppers on 5 V and 24 V digital outputs with I2C and PWM, needs no drivers or software.

All boards are individually tested and checked. 15 Revisions and many devices have been tested.

Rieger USB was chosen by Planet CNC for their work requiring critical long term speed over cost for their Canadian customers.

Many used H-bridge devices not supported due to early design. It was not possible to fix for that.

That is why an entirely new USB solution was created.

This USB Board is an alternative solution for most applications Rieger USB could not be used.

The price was reduced of half in comparison to Rieger.

Many other applications have been tested. All boards worked fine.

It is not possible to bring the same quality in other countries in as low price.

Accessories for the custom interface.

Mounting brackets and 3/4″ and 1″ pipe connectors.

Planet CNC Steam KIT.

KIT contains Planet XA (24V), XB (24V), XC (24V) CNC controllers and also comes standard with Z axis.

A 24V 12 x 2.5mm 1.0mm analog input for the steppers.

Strictly low noise filtration, high performance, 24V, 5V, power and data lines. These are the bare essentials that support motors, steppers and sensors.

Additional optional add-on accessories include G16 step sticks, adapter to 12V and 24V power, G17 expansion adapter and a high power deluxe KIT with all axes and a 24V 2.5mm line.

Custom interface options available for many applications.

Converters for stepper and PWM with I2C or PWM.

Connectors for the cables for the machine.

Easy to read LED’s and display brightness.

Features the most reliable quality control.


4x USB connection with cable for steppers and sensors,

Data lines, data pad, data pins are 6,

UART interface (optional),

Push button with LED display,


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Download planet cnc usb controller keygen 24


Download planet cnc usb controller keygen 24


planet cnc usb controller keygen 24


Download planet cnc usb controller keygen 24


Download planet cnc usb controller keygen 24


planet cnc usb controller keygen 24


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