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This book recounts the trials and tribulations of the life of Dr. Prakash and Dr. Manda Aamte in Hemalkas, Gadhchiroli district of Maharashtra, with a picture. The protagonist and his wife live in one of the many Indian temples, but trade is flourishing.
The Ashtavakra Mahasutra book was first published in 1885, but it was not available to the general public. Its full name is Ashtava Karma Vada Sutra of Shiva Swami Malahotra.
In one of his later works, the Ashtavakara-karma-vada sutra of Shiva, Dr. Prakash described the many reasons why he puts himself above society and wrote an article that was widely circulated.
“Ashtavakarma-karma-vada” describes the twelve reasons that inspire the nobility to take food and drink; about the pure pleasures of body and mind; about the various uses; about how to respect other people and what makes a Vaishnava honest, honest and peaceful. It also explains eight principles so that people can do good like animals.



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