Pro100 V5.20 16 Descodificador Winni 🖳 Leave a comment


Pro100 V5.20 16 Descodificador Winni

Pro100 V5.20 16 descodificador winni

Here we have our latest instalment of the Quad Roll series, for some reason we have felt compelled to release these into the public domain, we are not sure why, but it’s done! We have released the net on 15.11.18 but we did originally start testing around 15.3.17 when we actually got hold of the kit.

We have a lot of new mods for this release, as well as our old favourite Octa-core, my favourite is still the nFC with a NdG. We have also brought out our new and improved Rig, this was done as the build was outdated, and the drive and codex modules were not up to scratch! We also have a new PCB for the ICE drive and all the major modules have been upgraded as well. We have a newer version of the R-Cade now as well, As stated above we have done a lot of work on this module, you can now integrate it into the DAC PCB with not much hassle, we have made big changes to the modules look as well, they now use heavy aluminium to cut down on weight and make them look closer to the real thing. We have also upgraded the HDMI module, this version is also capable of 4K 60FPS, as well as 8K 60FPS! As well as this the watercooled version of the R-Cade comes with all of the peripherals for this, as well as a pre-made radiator for the ICE drive.

We have also been working on the new perf board for the kits, as it now allows for much more intense cooling, we have also added a new high res bitmap for the quad board and we have managed to replicate the old look quite well.

For those who haven’t heard of Quad Roll, we are a quad rig mod team, we have been going for a bit over a year now. we are based in Cambodia, we are also the best quad team in Cambodia and we love what we do. We started around at the end of 2017 and we have gotten to where we are today!

16 bit windows subsystem

Ayiga nf800 pro settings

PCD4 Automotive v3

Engine dumpster

Maniac 1300 R f150 8300 caliper

R aplica


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