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Recovermyfilesv4921240serialkeylicensekeyrar !LINK!



you need to create a new zagle folder in the root of your android device for the recovery of files and backup if you are not able to recover files by using the mentioned application. this is due to the restriction on the ability to restore files by using the recovery mode of the device.

some android devices do not allow you to boot into recovery mode, either for they are locked or if you have disabled it. the easiest way to do this is to hold the volume down key when powering on the device. you will see the android logo on the screen and a popup menu. press the volume up key to highlight “recovery” and then press the volume down key to select that option.

download & install: click on the download link and save it on your pc. now, click on the install button for the setup to begin. note the downloaded files of phone manager. unzip both the downloaded files of phone manager and phone manager folder. restart your phone and search for phone manager application in your phone.

we’ve posted a few guides here on community and many of our users were checking that tutorial at the same time with us. we are not going to repeat the same thing yet again. we are writing this guide to share with you all the important information you should know about how to recover android phone without phone.

once the system is rebooted, it will start in safe mode. now, connect your android device to the computer and open device manager. if there are problems, a blue dot appears on your device’s status bar.


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