RO system and water filtration removes contaminations (TDS) such as: sodium which causes heart diseases, calcium and magnesium which causes kidney stone, lead which causes damage to the nervous system, kidney’s reproductive system and brain damages, copper which causes Gastro intestinal tract irritants, mercury which causes kidney impairment, bacteria which causes bacterial diseases, pyrogen which causes fever, fluoride which causes fluorosis which affects teeth and bones, virus which causes viral diseases, arsenic which affects nervous system.
Under sink reverse osmosis treatment systems removes salt and other impurities in water to make it suitable for drinking and other domestic uses. It also has a ultra violet light that helps to kill bacteria. we offer installation at a cost variable with your location

Undersink Reverse Osmosis

Premium Quality RO+UF+UV+AA+TDS Correction
Removes even dissolved impurities such as chemicals and salt. The TDS correction maintains essential natural minerals, thereby providing pure, healthy, safe & tasty drinking water.
It purifies water from all sources such as bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, water tankers or tap water and city council water.
Suitable with wall type and table top. Suitable for removal of TDS, hard water and salty water.
Ecofriendly & Environment friendly
All domestic and industrial/commercial water treatment systems are totally eco-friendly as they remove only harmful contamination and retain the ingredients which are useful for human consumption.

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