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What are RO systems?

RO simply means Reverse Osmosis. Let us start slow. No harm in that. We all buy bottled water at some point. No matter the reason or use of the water, we just have to. Mostly it is for drinking to quench our thirst. In doing so we assume 1 thing. That it is safe and clean for consumption. I choose not to think outside the box or the business part of it. The water is pure and clean. Period!

Water source

Bottled water is found in different volumes. We have large one and pocket size ones too. The size does not matter but the process of putting water into this bottles is the same. Probably you have visited one, seen one in your neighborhood or in town these water vending shops. There is a huge machine that refills or fills the water bottles. That is one of the many types of RO machines.

Working of RO systems.

RO systems are designed to produce low dissolved solids water form tap or blackish well water and use high efficiency reverse osmosis membrane housing. Water has dissolved solids such as magnesium, sodium, lead and fluoride, to mention just a few, which are harmful to our health.

Why remove the dissolved materials?

Instead of just generalizing these dissolved materials, let us take the one by one and their effect on our body. We should remember that the following are not in usable or absorbable form to our bodies hence they cause damage as opposed to when found from other sources such as food where they are useful. Don’t open your mouth in shock when you recognize these names.

  • Sodium causes heart diseases. I guess no one is ready to joke with the bodies “pump”.
  • Calcium and magnesium. They cause kidney stone. We really don’t joke with some body parts. It is better to drink pure water.
  • Lead causes damage to the nervous system. This is the worst that can happen to someone.
  • Copper which causes gastro intestinal irritation. Your hands will always be stuck on your abdomen trying to cool down what is going on inside.
  • Mercury which causes kidney impairment. This sends s chill down my spine when I think of it.
  • Pyrogen which causes fever. I hope it doesn’t feel good sweating or shaking each time due to fever.
  • Fluoride which causes fluorosis that affects teeth and bones. I think you dint like those brown teeth?
  • We also have viruses that cause viral diseases as well as bacteria that cause bacterial diseases.

Having recognized these dissolved materials, it is necessary to remove them and thus RO systems are very necessary.

Types of RO systems.

We have various types of RO systems. The systems are built the same but only differ in size and others have an UV feature added to them.

Counter top domestic RO water purifier.

This RO water purifier is mostly used for domestic purposes. It is has a storage tank with a capacity of 9 liters. The tank has an auto shutoff float switch. It is placed on a counter where you can use your cup to fetch water for drinking or other purposes. It is fitted with an inline cartridge that purifies the water. It comes with an elegant and compact design. I think that we all love good things.

Domestic RO system with UV

These systems have three or five stage cartridge filtration system. UV simply means Ultraviolet where the water goes through six stages sterilization process. They are also equipped with a faucet and a diaphragm booster pump. This means that they can handle a larger capacity of water and thus the output is also greater. They can be placed under the sink in your homes and thus the water that flows on the taps is always pure and fit for use always. I guess you now have a solution to your water problems.

Cost of the RO systems

If you do the math, I think they are very affordable. Reason being: They are long term water purifier solution right at your home. No need to always carrying water bottles around. Also the cartridges and filters are changed after time. This means that once the system is fitted, you are good to go. There will always be clean water at your home. This is the best thing one can give to their family.

Deal or no deal.

There is always a good way to end this which is making up your mind and having one of the systems at your place. This is what we call a deal. You can get them fixed at an affordable price from us and maintain them is not a problem to us. Definitely you will not regret this choice.




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