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MGIMO professor on why we should not worry about the events in Syria and what U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump is thinking.

Researchers from Germany have concluded that the refugee crisis has not yet reached its peak. There are still many illegal migrants ahead, including people from Africa, most of whom will now want to settle in the EU.

The poet and philosopher Elizaveta Aleksandrova-Zorina is the new heroine of the talk show “Kulturotek”.

Professor of National Research University Higher School of Economics, PhD – about the life of Timofey Bazhenov, who conducts experiments on people, and why Putin has a billion-dollar yachts, and Medvedev likes jabs.

In the days following the U.S. election and the annexation of Crimea to Russia, politicians are keeping a close eye on the economy and public sentiment. Economist Oleg Matveichev talks about how the American people are structured, where Obama is leading the country, and whether Russia has a chance to get out of the crisis.

An American publicist on where one rocket can lead the world, the rightness of Russia, the prospects for soft power and patriotism in politics.

A maniac rapist nicknamed Banksy – about modern art, painting and creative freedom.

International security expert Alexander Knyazev answers this question on the air of Pravda.Ru.

What do Mubarak and Navalny’s reforms have in common, and what are the Kazakh nationalists really trying to build?

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The expert and journalist on what the West and Russia are fighting for in Syria.

On the eve of the decisive vote on candidates for president of the United States, politicians and experts are discussing the results of a Huffington Post poll which shows that a majority of Americans – 63% – believe that Donald Trump is the best choice for the country.

The Russian office of the International Monetary Fund called the actions of the Ukrainian government a “tragedy” and Kiev a “broken country.”

An MGIMT student talks about where the love for Putin comes from, the main tasks of Russian human rights defenders, and the possibility of not noticing a coup d’état in the country.

Google developers have invented an interactive attraction for learning ancient languages: you arrange the figures, and the notebook tells you where these figures came from.

How does a blogger get to the top of the authoritative ranking of Runet blogs? What is a “render” in Zh Zh Zh Zh Zh and how to promote a blog on your own? Sergei Markov, director of the Institute for Policy Studies, talks about all this.

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