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TraceViewer for Windows enables you to view all the program traces for a specific system process. It will show you all the history records (e.g. stack trace, CPU usage, memory usage, etc) from start to end. You can also save it as a trace log file, which will help you keep a record of system activity history.
TraceViewer has a simple interface with a 4-click navigation window and a couple of buttons.
It is not just an extension of ‘DetailViewer’ and will show many more information than ‘DetailViewer’.
TraceViewer supports all kinds of trace logs, including Call Stack, Dump file, Screenshot and more.
TraceViewer for Windows Description:

AJAX File Manager Lite, AJAX File Manager, and AJAX File Manager are registered trademarks of AJAX Inc.
AJAX File Manager is a powerful file manager program for Windows. It is an AJAX-based file browser replacement designed for Windows Explorer replacement.
AJAX File Manager Lite is compatible with Windows 10. It is an installation package that installs some browsers and some other utilities in the registry to enhance AJAX File Manager’s performance.

File Viewer Plus is an easy-to-use file viewer that allows you to view all the important information about a file (name, size, last accessed date, etc), including font icons to help you recognize file types.
The application is a simple tool that can quickly access all the file information. It is not complicated to use. Once you are in the program, you can easily choose the required information from the list of tabs on the left sidebar.
It is easy to set the application as your default file manager.
File Viewer Plus Features:

File Viewer Plus is a file viewer application that enables you to browse all the important file information (e.g. file size, location, etc) with a simple and user-friendly interface.
The program enables you to view the file’s name, date and other information, including text size and font style, icons, and other necessary information.

WinZip Password Data Recovery Data Mining is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for recovering lost or forgotten password. It recovers login passwords, registry passwords, system passwords, and other kinds of information. This application can be very helpful for you to recover all the information, and make the lost data as your free data for the future.

ShortcutCenter Crack+ With Full Keygen Free (Updated 2022)

ShortcutCenter is an application that enables you to create shortcuts for your desktop by providing you with a customizable launcher dock. The tool also enables you to create icons for each shortcut.

Advantages of using ShortcutCenter:
1. You can add or delete shortcuts from the launcher to create customized shortcuts.
2. The application enables you to easily access the files and folders on your computer.
3. You can launch shortcuts to your desired location with a simple click.
4. It is free to use.

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Mouse Team

Mouse Team is a mouse emulation application that provides users with the ability to customize the mouse to suit their preference. The goal of the application is to add new features to the traditional computer mouse making it a more ideal device.

Mouse Team Description:

Mouse Team is a popular Windows application that allows users to change mouse settings and customize the mouse in any way that suits their needs. In addition to this, users can enhance the appearance of their mouse through the use of several customizable options. While it is easy to use, users can choose between several preset options for the desired results.

Advantages of using Mouse Team:
1. The application offers a wide range of options that are customizable for users.
2. It is easy to use.

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TaskSwift is a free utility that enables users to automate their tasks. The tool can create automatic tasks based on the information that is already available, adding functions and logic to make users more comfortable. It can also be used to maintain your system by freeing you from performing multiple manual chores.

TaskSwift Description:

TaskSwift is a freeware that can be used to automate repetitive tasks. The software allows users to create new automated tasks based on the information that is already available, adding functions and logic to make users more comfortable. Users can also use it to maintain their computers by freeing them from performing multiple manual chores.

Advantages of using TaskSwift:
1. The program is extremely easy to use.
2. It is cost-free.
3. It is cross-platform

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EpicRemote is a remote control application that enables you to control your Windows computer through the use of a wireless infrared connection. The device uses wireless technology to connect to your computer, so the user does not need to go through

ShortcutCenter Crack+ License Keygen

So, a utility that enables you to organize shortcuts, become accessible or revert to the default layout.
ShortcutCenter icon:
Publisher’s Description:
ShortcutCenter is a desktop utility that enables you to organize shortcuts on your desktop. While it does not offer the convenience of a wizard to setup the environment in a brief period of time, it does a good job at providing you with a clean desktop where shortcuts are accessible easily. Also, it provides you with an easy way to revert to the default, organized layout.
ShortcutCenter Homepage:


Create the shortcuts you want to use with ease. You can modify their name, location, icon and background in the tool. The program has a good-looking, simple and intuitive interface that is comfortable to use even if you are not a novice.

If you would like to have a homepage panel or widgets on the desktop, you can easily manage all of that through the program. You can create as many panels as you want, which means you can create a customized desktop just like you want.


You can’t set the background and color.

What’s New:

Adobe Flash Version: Version – March 2, 2013
What’s New:
New Feature- Added Tablet Compatibility- Added PDF viewer
Adobe Flash Version: Version – December 7, 2012
* Improved stability in rare situations
* Fixed potential crash when saving settings
* Fixed potential crash when choosing an incorrect directory
* Fixed bug where saving settings would not exit
* Improved reliability of icon cache
* Added ability to re-open deleted shortcuts
* Fixed bug in the Windows 7 context menu
* Fixed bug where shortcuts would not appear on the launcher
* Fixed bug where windows with titles would not show on the launcher
* Fixed bug where some smaller files would not appear on the launcher
* Removed window defaults for icon visibility and hovering over file locations
* Fixed bug where occasionally the launcher would not work in some documents
* Fixed bug where some text would appear on the launcher
* Fixed bug where some quick launch icons would appear on the launcher
* Fixed bug where some shortcuts would appear on the launcher only when mouse is pressed
* Fixed bug where shortcut files with path separator characters (/) would appear on the launcher only when mouse is pressed
* Fixed bug where exiting setting dialog would sometimes prompt to save settings and

What’s New In ShortcutCenter?

An interactive and easy-to-use desktop organizer and customized shortcut creator.
You can use any number of desktop to quickly access your files, web, email, and program shortcuts.

ShortcutCenter Key Features:

– Create custom panels, create custom labels, and assign a shortcut to any file.
– Create shortcuts on desktop right from the operating system.
– Override the application with your favorite programs.
– Compare and organize shortcuts in any way you like.
– Right click on shortcuts and send them to the clipboard with one-click.
– Drag and drop shortcut to desktop.
– Move shortcut to any panel by dragging shortcut or panel.
– Hide, remove, rename, or move panels by dragging shortcut from panel.
– Use the operating system to search, bookmark and bring up folder or files.
– Add buttons, pictures, and icons on the desktop or panels.
– Select any color or icon and set as background or panel.
– Create shortcuts to apps or shell, file, and web links
– Drag and drop any file, folder, or shortcut from the operation system to desktop.
– Create your own custom searches and organize shortcuts by size, kind, or location.
– Convert panel labels to buttons.
– Set widgets and add widgets to your panels.
– Control access to files and folders on your computer and network.
– Sort, compare, and organize shortcuts to your files, folders, and programs.
– Email any shortcut to any email address.
– Protect your computer against malware and spyware, avoid data loss and theft.
– Backup and restore shortcuts.

Control access to personal folders, block shortcuts, or disable shortcuts.
ShortcutCenter Demos:

Create shortcuts by dragging a file, folder, or shortcut.
Create shortcuts on the desktop by dragging files, folders, or shortcuts to desktop.
Move icons and files to desktop from panel.
Drag files or folders from panel to desktop.
Shortcuts on desktop can be moved to any panel by dragging.
Move files from panel to desktop.
Drag files, folders, or shortcuts to any panel.
Create desktop folders in two clicks.
Compare files by size.
Move shortcuts to a new panel.
Movable desktop panels.
Drag desktop panels and move shortcuts to any panel.
Drag and drop icons to desktop.
Drag and drop files to desktop.


System Requirements For ShortcutCenter:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core i3 (2nd gen)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600 GS or above
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space
Additional Notes: The game has been tested to work with the following drivers and games have been tested and have worked:
Driver: AIDA64 v1.4.0.2-1
Managed: Driver – AlwaysOn Top

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