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– You can manage buses via two ways, a browser based interface or a direct SMS based interface.
– You can manage multiple bus services with the same gadget
– The gadget allows you to view the arrival time for a particular route
– You can view the time for the next bus arrival for the selected route
– If you don’t have time to complete to route, you can modify the selected route and you will receive an SMS message or an E-mail notification
– You can schedule your bus ride if you don’t have time to complete a route
– The gadget will auto-renew, you won’t need to manually renew it
– You can stop the gadget
How to get:
– Install and enable the gadget
– Login the Gadget using your SBS Bus ID and the password
– SMS your bus route to 333 or e-mail your bus route to and you are ready to go!
– Read the instructions on the gadget usage
– Questions? Please contact us at
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Pushing paper is not a good idea. When you have so many papers to be read and your hand became tired from holding up the papers. This gadget can read paper for you. It can read paper from a one side at a time.
How to get:
– Use black marker for the white color paper
– Mark off the paper you want to read
– Press the gadget against the paper and press the button to begin.
– The gadget will read the paper for you.
– You can stop the gadget
Questions? Please contact us at
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Singapore Bus Crack

The SBS bus is a very convenient way to travel around the city. To make the most of this, we have created a useful app, available on both the App Store and Google Play that will let you keep up with any changes in SBS bus timings in Singapore.
With a friendly interface, you can see bus routes in Singapore and how long you’ll need to wait for the next bus as the date and time on the bus stop is updated.
With the bus times, weather and route information, you can be fully prepared for your trip.
· Like the App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The App can be downloaded directly from the App Store.
· Any changes in bus timings will be updated in real-time. You do not need to refresh the app.
· Transit path information. You will be able to see the most direct path to your destination from the next bus stop.
· Weather information. You can check the weather forecast.
· Description of each bus stop is provided.
· Rich information about bus stops, taxis, MRT stations and LRT stations.
· Bus departure time information.
· And more!
1. Please read the Terms of Use and disclaimer.
2. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at feedback[at] or feedback[at]
3. For more information about the SBS App, please visit:
-About the Author:
Vera Lee is the COO of SBS App.
Vera has extensive experience of marketing and data analysis, having worked in Google, Facebook, and Microsoft before. Vera holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China and Master of Science in Management Information Systems from the University of South Australia.
-Getting Started with SBS App:
You can download the app by tapping the download button in the App Store or by tapping “get” in Google Play.
After the download has completed, you can install it to your device, and register for an SBS App account.
There are three different ways to search for bus routes:
1. Bus stops: Tap the “Search” button and type the bus stop name. You will be able to see all the bus stops in Singapore.
2. Routes: Tap the “Search” button and search by route. You will be able to see all the routes in

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– Manage bus arrival time for more than 5 bus services.
– Record bus arrival time & description.
– Control alarm for major bus services.
– Monitor bus departures for up to 5 bus services.
– Refresh daily information.
Bus Timings
Bus names are automatically acquired from SBS (stand by your phone to hear the name).
SBS is a local bus service provider.
– Exact timings are available for bus services (SBS, SMRT).
– You can select time period, day (weekend, weekday) and service type (SBS, SMRT).
SBS has more than 40 bus services.
– The SBS routes are color-coded.
– You can access Bus Arrival & Departure in the main screen.
How to Install
– Download the app.
– Extract & install, then open the app.
– Check the bus arrival in the daily schedule.
– Call the bus, or follow the route on Google maps.
– Finish the installation and open the app.
How to Use
– To view arrival time of a specific bus, you can do the following three steps:
1) Tap “Bus Arrivals” (the top right button on the main screen).
– You can also access the bus Arrivals screen by tapping the Schedules button on the top left corner of the app.
– You can search for any bus by tapping “Bus Name”.
2) You can tap the bus name to see the exact time of the bus arrival.
3) Tap the “Big arrow” button to view more detailed information.
– You can also find out more detail of the bus service by tapping “Bus Description”.
– If you tap the information button, you can see all routes for that service.
– Press “Alarm” to turn on the alarm for the bus.
– Push “Home” or “Recents” to see all services.
– Tap “Refresh” to see the latest information.
“Bus Detail” is the one that shows when a bus will be arriving.
– Bus Detail is available for SMRT and SBS buses.
– You can tap “Home” or “Recents” to see all services.
– Make sure that you have enough storage space.
* You need more than 10MB storage space to use the “Bus Detail”.
Simple way to manage bus arrival time
– You can add up

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System Requirements For Singapore Bus:

· Windows 7 (32 or 64bit)
· DirectX11
· 2 GHz CPU
· 4 GB RAM
· Full Screen
· Install and launch Braget Game Launcher.
· Run Braget Game Launcher (Ctrl + Alt + Del) and start the game.
· Click “PLAY” button and wait for the loading process.
· If you need to click on the “Pause” button to stop the loading of the game, please do so.

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