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Sleep Player Crack Download For PC

Step 1:
Download and install the Windows Media Player
Step 2:
The Sleep Player should be put on any of the volumes of the Windows Media Player where it will be easily accessed while you are sleeping.
Step 3:
To add Sleep Player to the Player’s menu simply drag the SleepPlayer file to the Windows Media Player directory.
Please note that there is no need for you to save the Sleep Player file to the SleepPlayer directory. Simply right click on the Sleep Player file and drag it onto the Windows Media Player directory.
Step 4:
The Sleep Player should now be readily accessible while you are sleeping. If you were to get up and find that the Sleep Player is not with your Windows Media Player you may have to go into the Windows Media Player directory and delete it from there.
Sleep Player Screenshots:

Version 3.4.2
Here are the main additions and improvements of v3.4.2
1. Update for Windows Media Player 9.0
2. Also installs a default folder structure that contains all the Sleep Player files.

Sleep Player is a great program.The fact that it’s easy to add sleep timer files from windows media player and the fact that I can listen to my music while I’m sleeping is pretty nice. Even a little minus is that the sleep player doesn’t show up in my menu’s on my side menu. It’s just a minor issue that can be fixed in a short time. I recommend this to anyone.

I highly recommend this simple solution to the syncing problem. Instead of keeping my media player and my computer out of sync, I put them both on the same computer, and put both the media player and the cd onto the computer.

This is a program that will allow you to play your cds while you go to bed (its very useful if you are someone who is often working late into the night)

– I don’t like its dependency on Windows Media Player. The disadvantage is that it wont work when you are not connected to the internet or when you are not connected to the same ISP as when you were installed

When you hit play and sleep (supposedly) the CD will stop. You can set a delay and I have got as much as 25 sec pause.

When you are on the computer playing the file, the CD will continue playing by itself without giving any UI for the CD to turn on (if you use wake on LAN to bring the computer

Sleep Player With Registration Code

Sleeping on the go is now that easy, You just play a music file on your PC and select the menu option Sleep Player Download With Full Crack. The sleep timer will automatically pause and resume the playback when you wake up from your sleep. This feature will take care of the music on your PC until it is shut off with the power button. It will help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.
Sleep Timer Functionality:
■ Slow to Fast
■ Auto
■ End Time/Duration
■ Wake Up Timer/Duration
■ Repeat
■ Volume
■ Text
■ Note
■ Library/Spindle
■ Album/Artist
■ Default
■ Custom
■ Logo
■ Box
■ Audio
■ Video
■ Mix
■ Mount (Image)
■ Mount (Video)
■ Resume
■ Discard
■ Delete
■ Hide
■ Show
What’s New
■ Fixed the bug with media library which was causing the “sleeping” option to go away.
■ Fixed the bug with speed.
■ Added a new menu in the “Start” menu called “Media Player”. It will automatically open the “Music” tab of the Windows Media Player when accessed.
■ Minor bug fixes.
■ Added a new option called “Repeat” which will repeat the last selected song or playlist over and over until the timer is up or you choose.
What I need
■ Fix the volume bug.
■ Make a small change to the Music tab which will let users change the “Volume” of the list items.
■ In the “Audio” tab. You can select multiple tracks at once.
What I want
■ Get the whole feature working perfectly.
■ I would like to add the ability to select multiple tracks at once.
■ I want to add the ability to change the volume of the tracks.
■ Right now you are stuck with the media player volume and you have to go back to the “Sleep Player” menu to change it’s volume.
■ I would like to add the ability to start the music over when the timer is up or when you choose.

Sleep Player Download 2022 [New]

Sleep Player offers a media player with the specific purpose of setting a sleep timer in which the program will gradually decrease the volume of the selected playlist or tracks.
The program is in it’s early phase and where as this is the first full working version it has room for more improvement and added functionality.
The program does the following:
■ Support an unlimited number of file lists
■ Each list has it’s own file if you create multiple lists this is how you create multiple files of one list
■ Each list can be played at it’s own time or be used as an alarm clock if you select this mode
■ Each file has it’s own time marker, or play number if you also select this mode
■ The times for each file in the list can be automatically calculated from the file’s length.
■ There are three modes of operation you can use:
■ Default
■ Silent Alarm Clock
■ Super Loud Alarm Clock
■ The three modes of operation are selected in the “Session” pane
■ Each file can be scheduled for a different day of the week
■ Each file can be set to play at a specific time of the day or night
■ Select a player for each file
■ Select a player for each file
■ Each file can be set to play consecutively or randomly
■ Each file can be set to play consecutively or randomly. A “Random Alarm Clock” button is provided to do this task with no changes to the configuration
■ The control panel also gives you the option to adjust the volume from full volume to mute.
■ The setting of the time of day for each playlist or file can be set in the main window
■ The main window also has the option to “Enable/Disable” the program
■ The program can also be told what the default volume and default playlist of the program is, or this can also be adjusted from the control panel.
■ The program is fully compatible with all versions of Windows Media Player, and all previous versions are required for compatibility.
■ The program gives you the following features:
■ Saves the set sleep timer each time you close the program
■ Has a system tray icon to let you know when there is a sleeping timer

What’s New in the Sleep Player?

■ This program will use Windows Media Player by default unless otherwise specified with the “Custom Media Player” button.
■ Windows Media Player and or Windows Media player are needed as this application only uses the basic functionality of Media Player and will not have any other media functionality.
■ The program will automatically start playing music or video directly from the designated folder location.
■ The media that you have already designated and selected within your Windows Media Player will be available to select in Sleep Player.
■ The playlist or tracks to be used as the sleep timer music or video for this program can be set up within Windows Media Player before running Sleep Player.

If you are a legal owner of Sleep Player please comment or reply to my post.

If you do not own Sleep Player but are interested in using the program please forward this link to a friend of yours that may be interested in using this program.

Basic Sleep Player Screen Shot

Sleep Player Advanced Screen Shot

Version 1.1
■ Fixed minor issues
■ Removed the use of the thread called “sleeptimer” as it was causing issues with the program
■ Removed temporary links and folders.

Version 1.0
■ First Working Version

Version 0.5
■ The Sleep Player program was moved from the archived repository to it’s own separate location at
■ Improvements and new features to the player were introduced
■ There was also a new feature added to the Sleep Player program called the ability to use the SleepTimer. This ability will allow the user to set up how many days they want to be awake with the music on.

Settings Screen Shot

Sleep Timer Settings Screen Shot

Version 0.4.2
■ The application is now available to be compiled and run using Visual Studio 2005.
■ Visual Studio 2008 has been added as an option for build.
■ Compiling the application for Windows CE also the SysLink option is being added.
■ There are still some issues with the SleepTimer when running on Windows CE that need to be sorted out.

Version 0.4.1
■ Fixes for memory leaks and speed issues.
■ The SleepTimer now automatically shuts off on Windows CE when you run the SleepPlayer program.
■ There is

System Requirements:

Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 (x86-64)(x86-32)
Processor: Intel® Core™ Duo E6300 or AMD Phenom™ 9850, or better
Hard Disk: 3GB
Internet Connection
HDD Space: ~6GB
Recommended System Requirements:
Processor: Intel® Core™ Duo E6750 or AMD Phenom™ 99

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