Solar Energy Solutions

At Wano Engineering Systems, our Solar Energy team is dedicated to offering you dedicated specialized clean energy solutions.

Solar energy is one of the most cost-effective, cleanest, most-affordable forms of Renewable Energy available today; used worldwide for hundreds, thousands, of applications both large and small.

With solar you can never go wrong when there are power cuts and they need to have a hot bath, or when working on an important stuff. It saves a lot on our customer’s side with the solar backup systems, water heaters and streets lights in villages where there is no access to electricity, use of solar is very helpful.

But, in order to make sure that the Solar lighting Systems that you purchase and install will deliver maximum performance and return on investment, it is important that your system and associated components are sized properly to meet your needs, location, application and budget.

Wano Engineering Systems in Partnership with Denmar solar Systems Ltd  the Sole Authorized Distributor for Luminous and Emmvee Solar Energy Products;

Supplies and Installs solar energy systems of the highest quality and efficiency which include:

    • Solar Panels
    • Solar Batteries
    • Solar street/Floodlights
    • Inverters
    • Charge controllers
    • Solar Water Pumps
    • Solar Water Heaters
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