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Light is as important as actual act of seeing itself or even what you use it to see. Light is as equal as security due to the safety it brings through its illumination.

High budgets have been incurred by institutions, organizations and individual personalities to maintain a lit atmosphere soon after the natural lights go down on the west through the sun set. The high cost of electricity has led to a divisions in the society with one side having lit roads, streets and houses while other have experienced dark houses with, dark compounds, streets, and roads.

Public institutions like hospitals and schools have not been left out with some experiencing total darkness in nights in a way to reduce the electricity bills or simply lack or its access.


Our beautiful country Kenya is blessed with lengthy sunny days. Unfortunately we have not utilized enough of it leave alone harvesting it.

Here is an opportunity to harvest our natural light for our School, Hospitals, Clinics, Markets, Estates Villages, Compounds, streets and with this create a thousand of jobs.

Solar floodlights uses the green technology in that it brings no pollution to the environment and its maintenance free meaning no extra cost after the installation.


It is due to this reality that our concern led us to a product which can help with not only equalizing the natural resource of light to all societies but improving the standards of living of our people, creating jobs, and making use of the natural resource in a climate conducive way.

How joyful will be to see not only towns and cities lit! But also homes, schools and village “vichochoro” with a naturally fed inexpensive light, hope you share the same wish with us.

Ideal for: Residential and commercial security lighting (homesteads, hostel,schools,institutions,markets)

Key Features

  • >No Electricity bills $ cables
  • >Shinning time 10 and 15hrs per day
  • >Auto ON at night and auto OFF at day night
  • >Inbuilt battery, no need for extra battery
  • >Weather proof(no worries if it rains)
  • >High efficiency solar rechargeable lantern with short circuit protection
  • When it comes to mounting, they come with mounting brackets for ease of installation with on the wall or on a pole or high mast.

They are available different wattages of:


30 watts.@ 6500/-

50 watts.@8000/-
60 watts. @8500/-
100 watts. @12000/-
150 watts. @13500/-
200 watts 17500/-

300 watts 18500/-

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Counting watts is the key to lowering the cost of energy in your home or place of business.


The basic unit of electric, mechanical, or thermal power in the SI and MKS systems, equal to one joule per second or 10 ergs per second ( of a horsepower): for electric power it is equal to one volt-ampere.

WATT can also be defined as the starting point for how you are charged for energy, so a watt is tied directly to your wallet.


In order to improve energy efficiency, you must know how to calculate wattage reduction.

Determining the difference in wattage can have a significant impact.  Understanding this concept will help you make more informed buying decisions when purchasing products that use electricity in your home or business.


Let’s compare two light fitting


Both of the light fitting above are suitable replacements and can be utilized for the same application.

While the 100 Watt security light will likely be cheaper to purchase upfront, over time the solar led security light will save you money.  How much difference?


Calculating kWh

In order to determine the cost difference between the two, we utilize the wattages to determine the kWh.  We do this with the following equation:

Fixture Quantity x Fixture Wattage = Total Watts

Total Watts / 1000 = Kilowatts

Kilowatts x (Hours of Usage) = Kilowatt/Hr.

Kilowatt/hr. x (Cost of Energy) = Total Cost

Fixture quantity=1unit

Watts=100watts, 8watts


Charges per kWh =ksh22.00




Annual cost: kshs26.4*365days=kshs9636.00

For solar led security light, no charges incurred since it utilizes solar energy to provide light hence saving you kshs9636.00 annually.

Good Return on Investment?

“Watt” are you going to buy next time?



Solar led security light provides all solutions to security lighting set up and hence fit for its application.

Just try it and see the difference!!

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