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SR 3D Builder is one of the most advanced Lego PC CAD software programs that exist out there. With it you are able to build almost anything you can imagine. The only limit is your own imagination!
The user interface is user-friendly and has six main sections. The first one is the menu bar which operates like a usual menu bar and therefore, contains file system, configuration and application specific options. The second section is the button toolbox where you can find the most used shortcuts that you can use to build your Lego models, such as mirror building, adding a building step and so on. The part/color toolbox is the most used part of the interface and this is the place from which you can choose the type of part you want to use and the color you would like it to have (solid color, transparent, special effects). In the model space, you are able to see the model you have created in 3D. The information bar will give you details about what you are doing like showing you the progress you have made. Finally, the displacement caddy, also known as D-Caddy, has the sole purpose of helping you in quick part positioning and it will help you rotate the part(s) or the whole model around an axle.
One of the nice features that SR 3D Builder has is the Connection Solver. This will help you see connections between two parts by displaying a small pink pyramid when the mouse is over a suitable contact surface.
Another nice feature that this software application can provide you with is the Animation Console. This will permit you to create and animate your models, so that you can see how they would actually walk or move.
All in all, SR 3D Builder is an impressive software program that allows users to easily create and animate 3D Lego models, no matter how experienced they might be.







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Lego is one of the most popular construction toy-sets in the world. Originally developed by an engineer called Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish, and a businessman called Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, a Norwegian, this program came into existence in 1958 and was named by the official Lego corporation as an abbreviation of the Danish, and Norwegian words, Leg Godt. Then, in 1959 the official Lego corporation decided to change the name of the Lego system from Lego to Bricks.

Since then, the Lego system has been spreading very fast all over the world, mostly due to its awesome versatility in terms of the number of parts that can be used and the number of uses that they can be put in in different ways.

The most popular Lego figure is the Brick, although the regular square-shaped one is not the only one that is able to exist in the Lego world. There are blocks, plates, cylinders and spheres among other things that can be used to create Lego figures. As we said before, one of the most popular parts is the Brick, which can be used to create buildings of all kinds.

Lego is being used in different ways, not only the interesting ones. It is used in architecture and engineering all over the world, and for that reason, the LEGO system is becoming more popular every day.

There are different online websites that offer real and fake Lego System figures, and there are also different apps on smartphone and tablets that allow you to build your Lego figures with your own hands.

The Lego System is very popular and is being used for different purposes, not only for kids or adults, but also for many different types of people, but Lego is the most popular and it will continue to be so.

If you are interested in Lego and in order to be the best in your class, you need the most advanced educational software, that’s exactly what you will receive here. The tool is also known as a Lego 3D CAD software, and it is developed by BIT Designer Studio. The software is based on Qt4 and is available for Windows and Mac systems.

The 3D Builder features that make it stand out among other similar software products in this respect, are their easy-to-use interface and their support for real and LEGO-compatible parts, in addition to its ability to create different profiles that will allow you to view the parts from different viewpoints and angles.

The software also allows you to take your models apart when you need to edit

SR 3D Builder Crack+

The following features are available with the SR 3D Builder Activation Code version:
Download SR 3D Builder…

2.8 MB

SR 3D Builder

With the SR 3D Builder application you are able to create and manipulate 3D models based on your own imagination. You can create models using parts, primitives, Lego elements or just use shapes. The models can be created by importing a text or DGN-file, or by copying parts from other models.
The application uses the software part manager to permit you to retrieve, upload and save parts to a local part file library.
The application is a system tray application and shows you the current model in real-time, so you can view the model as it changes in real time.

SR 3D Builder – Versions

The SR 3D Builder version has the following unique features:

Built-in or 3rd party LEGO® parts

Colorize and normalize components

Build/Edit cycles for cycles

Automatic’mirror’ for existing parts


Geometrical transformations (rotation and scaling)

Part selection

Reference photo importing

Part library

Modifications of existing parts

System tray window

Googlemaps functionality

Support for Autodesk DWG format files

Conversion of DWG/DXF to 3D

Built-in parts

SR 3D Builder – Size

SR 3D Builder is a compact application with no bloatware installed. It has a small installer size of around 20 MB.

SR 3D Builder – Runtime data

SR 3D Builder does not store any runtime data on your computer.

SR 3D Builder – Screenshots

SR 3D Builder VCL

SR 3D Builder VCL is an application written using Visual C++ and COM.
SR 3D Builder VCL is free to download and use.
SR 3D Builder VCL has been downloaded 125,554 times by our Web Site visitors in the last 30 days.
There are 2 users rating this application with an average rating of 4.5 stars from 1630 votes.
No potentially offensive content was found on this application.

SR 3D Builder VCL – Size

SR 3D Builder VCL is a small application with no bloatware installed. It has a small installer size of around 20 MB.

SR 3D Builder VCL – Runtime data

SR 3D Builder Crack+ 2022

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SLUG 2D Builder is a 2D CAD/CAM program that can be used to create CAD/CAM for rapid prototyping. SLUG 2D Builder is used to make objects based on STL files or DWG files. You can make many shapes and organize the object into a chassis.
The program has a customizable user interface and is easily integrated with your computer, version history, documentation and license management. You can edit.DWG or.STL files with this program! This program is the best tool for rapid prototyping as you do not have to write any code.
The main features of SLUG 2D Builder include:
– The software enables you to create the objects/blocks and features a user interface very similar to that of the Autodesk Inventor programs.
– There are many features, one such is the possibility to include or exclude objects with a given Boolean operation.
– There is a possibility to synchronize blocks even with objects and models so that with one click of the mouse you can quickly insert the object into the model and vice-versa.
– The model’s geometry can be built with the CAD program Solidworks, Sketchup or LibreCAD.
– There is the possibility to use the objects to upload them to sites like,, and many other sites.
– There is a possibility to create an artist vector line for your design in order to make the line’s geometry 3D and complete with texture.
– All the files are preserved in the database and so you can copy them for external use on compact discs or hard disks.
– You can receive the publication of your project, including the source files and the video tutorials.
– There is a possibility to include or exclude objects by Boolean operation.
– There are many possibilities when it comes to the color of the objects and the possibility to include or exclude objects based on their colors.
– The attribute of the solid and wireframe are customizable.
– The user interface of this program is very intuitive.
– All the necessary functions are extremely simple.
– The program runs on Microsoft Windows.
– There are many ready-to-use plugins.
– All this software is completely free to use.


What’s New In SR 3D Builder?

With this software, you can create and modify models using Lego parts. You will be able to build almost anything, from Christmas trees, to a real Lego robot. It contains many hundreds of parts and pieces, and the possibilities are endless.

This is one of the easiest and best Lego PC CAD software programs available. With it you can view, create and modify your designs in real time, you can create your designs in two or three dimensions, and you can save it in either print or vector format.

This software is easy to use, it has a nice and easy-to-understand interface and it is very user-friendly, with an innovative piece-by-piece building system. It is also very powerful and allows you to build nearly anything you could possibly imagine using Lego building blocks.

The program is a good investment for anyone, no matter if you are a complete beginner or a professional Lego Builder, beginner or expert, as it offers unlimited possibilities for the experienced and some for the beginners.

Your Lego creations will be no exception to the laws of physics, and it will allow you to see how they will actually behave. You will be able to walk, build, and animate your creations in real time and see how they look, how they move and how they react to different forces and other elements.

Create, edit and animate your Lego creations with the LEGO 3D CAD software program, and save them in your computer’s hard disk, print it or send it as a DXF/DWG/DGN file to a 3D printer.

A powerful, efficient and flexible solid modeling software tool that is highly recommended if you are serious about Lego building.

Creating a 3D model of your Lego creations can be a daunting task.

Where to start?

What should I do first?

How much time will it take?

Would it be possible?

What’s involved?

There are several different styles of modelling tools, namely:

The SCULPT – SOLIDIMAX™ 3D sculpting system is the fastest growing solid modeling software application in the world. Fusing the power of advanced cutting edge technologies, SOLIDIMAX SOLIDWORKS SCULPT has quickly become the “fusion of form and function” in sculpture.

SCULPT will provide the technical skill and creativity necessary for any serious sculptor to gain the maximum benefits from SOLIDWORKS

System Requirements For SR 3D Builder:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or later
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 compliant video card
Storage: 2 GB available hard disk space
Additional Notes:
HDD and RAM space must be at least 1.5 GB and 2 GB respectively. Any patches required will be downloaded from GoG.
* The “NoStandalone” prerequisite check is not required, because it is the only patch for the Standalone installer.
Please note that DirectX

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