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I have StyleCAD and as well as PAD, Tukatech,. Have a nice day
Files are in either under the Text-Trainer-Engine1 subfolder of the Stylecad folder or the TextTrainerEngine1.exe folder.

I only had StyleCAD v7, but I just got StyleCAD v8 and would like to use it because I also have StyleCAD v10 but the current add-in does not work with v10 which was a pain.

The same old issues with having to rename things as it treats them differently than it used to, and also the freezing, along with the little “Bug Fix” updates, these have all been reoccurring, it seems that the size and data of the files is getting bigger and bigger, and the little updates are stopping the lags, but the freezing is a bit more annoying.
How does the stylecad v8 full compare to stylecaster? I’m planning on buying stylecaster soon.

Hope that helps.


StyleCAD and StyleCAD V10 have the same author.
According to :

Gary Burton – license – October 07, 2019
StyleCAD (Gerber format) is a professional quality package used by thousands of companies worldwide to perform high-quality production of Gerber, DXF, STL, and other formats.

It seems that the author is still actively developing it and the updates are relatively frequent.
(I am not a user of StyleCAD.)

The free trial does not last very long. The free trial package is also limited to the first 10 documents exported by StyleCAD. (source)

If you are considering StyleCAD V10, you might want to download the latest StyleCAD V10 and install it to your computer; then add the missing add-in.
Please tell me if you have any questions.

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