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2. **Illustrator**
1. Adobe Illustrator is an image-editing program for creating vector-based graphics. It allows you to vectorize and retouch images and make them completely digital, edit them, add effects, and add more layers.

This program works a little differently from Photoshop because it’s vector-based and can be edited to perfection. It allows for detailed tweaking of every image.

Adobe Illustrator is also a popular tool for beginners looking to get into the world of vector graphics. Most tutorials can teach you how to use Illustrator and how to make intricate art.

2. Illustrator is available as an inexpensive package or a premium version for $299.

## Web Design

You can use a variety of applications to create and manage web content. These range from free to very expensive applications. For the purpose of this book, we are going to focus on graphic designs.

In terms of web design, the simplest applications for this are Dreamweaver and Frontpage. The former is a visually appealing website builder and the latter is primarily for creating web pages. Although both have good templates that you can use, many experienced web designers will tell you that you must learn how to use a graphics editor if you want to create a good looking website.

Adobe Dreamweaver, a sophisticated website builder, is a robust application that offers a lot of features. It will let you create many different looks based on your web site design style. Depending on how much time you have available, you can either use it to create a basic site with prebuilt templates, or you can learn how to edit existing templates. Dreamweaver is one of the most powerful applications for creating websites.

Adobe Dreamweaver has a free version ($135) and a premium version for $495. You can download it from .

Photoshop’s graphic editing features make it very helpful in creating web design. Another application that is useful for web design is Pixelmator. It’s a free Mac app and has a website for more information.

## Project Lab

This is the place to start if you’re not sure what direction to take with a project. It’s a way to look at everything you can do in a project and see the options you have in Photoshop and help you determine which one will best suit the task. It’s

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Both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are free to download and use as they use the same components. Thus, the article will only discuss the functions in Photoshop Elements. We will try to keep this article for all levels of Photoshop users, from novices to experts.

In order to use Photoshop Elements, you need to buy a copy of Photoshop, but you will get a year of free upgrades.

Why use Photoshop Elements?

The capabilities of Photoshop Elements are comparable to Photoshop (or more), but it costs less, offers a simpler user interface, and runs much faster. The main strengths of Photoshop Elements are:

It is cheaper for most people than Photoshop.

Less complicated than Photoshop.

Extremely easy to use.

How do I use Photoshop Elements?

You can use Photoshop Elements like you use Photoshop:

Open the file you want to edit.

Click the menu Icon of the tool you want to use.

Click the button circled in red.

When you have the desired results, save the file.

The icon of the tool you have used in Photoshop Elements may look like this:

Menu, Adjustment, Curves, or any of the other 60+ tools from Photoshop.

You can also find the same tools in the Edit Menu, as seen in the following image:

If you want to edit an image with a new tool, make sure that the tool is not disabled (by clicking the red circle) and that the preview is not greyed out (by clicking the red circle again).

Or, you can use the keyboard shortcut ESC to bring up the tool options.

To go back to previous tools, simply press the ESC key and the tool that you want will reappear.

The problem when I use Photoshop Elements is that I often use a combination of tools. Because I only know the shortcut for the first tool, I end up using the wrong tool while the desired tool is activated.

To avoid this, press ESC until you hear a click. This will bring up the tool options menu for that tool and not the one you just used.

The other problem with using a combination of tools is that you have to wait until you have the desired results for each tool before pressing ESC.

If you don’t wait, it is too late because the next tool will be activated.

How to combine tools together in Photoshop Elements

To avoid

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Implementing a function using a for loop

I am in college and this is probably a basic question but I am curious how can a for loop be used to make a function that is defined in the program.
This is the function I need to use:
void circle (int rad){
int x,y;

void circle (int rad){
int x,y;

void circle(int rad);

int main()
return 0;

// f(X) = X² – 2·X + 9

void circle(int rad){
int x = 0, y = 0, x2 = 0, y2 = 0;
x = -rad;
y = -rad;
x2 = rad*rad;
y2 = rad*rad;
for (x = -rad; x < rad; x += rad, y += rad) { printf("%d,%d ", x, y); x2 -= 2*x; y2 -= 2*y; } printf("%d ", x2 + y2);

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System Requirements:

Minimum specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 @ 2.70GHz
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Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
Mouse: Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical
Gamepad: 4F1 Adapter
Minimum Recommendation:
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.40GHz
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