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Flash aid. Includes the following CPU flash repair tools: AU6367/AU6368, AU6370/AU6372. Alcor firmware update tool from device AU6366.. Flash aid Alcor 6366. User manual. The following CPU flash repair tools are. Oct 28, 2013. And third party applications can be downloaded from the support section. Also,


The files in the zip are for use on older models, if you are still using those older models.
Current model for correction would be AU6372.
You need to disable bluetooth and allow it to download, then once downloaded you can repair.
Detailed instructions
I’m not sure what version you’re using, but here are the instructions for version 2.

Open the Command Prompt window by clicking Start, then click All Programs, then Accessories, then Right click the Microsoft Command prompt icon and select Run As Administrator.
In the window that appears, type the following command and press ENTER:

%programfiles%\Alcormp\Tools.exe -c -m -a.exe -l.exe -h

Replace the following locations with the path to your.exe file:

.exe = The.exe file = The path to the.exe file
.exe.linux = The path to the.exe file
.exe.mac = The path to the.exe file

Alcormp 9-3-2017 tool is for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1.
Make sure bluetooth is disabled on your machine.
Allow downloads
It will download the updated tool to C:\Virus Removers\USB Drive\\
Unzip the “” file into a directory.
Alcormp 9-3-2017 tool will detect the repaired USB device automatically.
Update the firmware
Reinstall the tool from the directory into which the zip was unzipped.
The files in the zip are for use on older models, if you are still using those older models.
Current model for correction would be AU6372.
It will also tell you which model you have, and direct you to download the software file needed to repair.


SQL Server



SystemUI updates are not an active development target. The feature you want to use is rather called SystemUI-Apex-Subsurface-2-Able to use it you must be running Apex Launcher 3.2. The current version is at 3.2.3.
First you will have to restore the backup you did of your Apex Launcher app before. This feature is enabled in the Settings of the Apex launcher or if you don’t know how to do that I would recommend this app. Restoring from backup and a clean install is the way to go.
I have no official support for this app. I myself would recommend using a clean install. But since you have the app installed and the backup you are currently using, its technically possible to transfer the features of this over to your backup. But I have never tried this before. The app has it’s own backup restore feature. (I would recommend using the backup restore feature)

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