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Diyusof Antivirus is a computer protection solution that can guard your system against a variety of threats, like viruses, Trojans and worms.
The application provides you with a number of functions meant to work proactively and reduce the risk of having your computer attacked by any form of viruses. Diyusof Antivirus offers real-time protection, so if you happen to download a file that poses a threat to your computer, it will be immediately quarantined.
Diyusof Antivirus provides you with four different modes of scanning your computer. As such, you can perform a 'Full System Scan', that will take a close look at every file on your PC in order to determine which are infected – if any. The 'Quick Scan' function enables you to verify the computer's system volume and operating memory, then establish whether there are any compromised files.
The 'Select Folder To Scan' feature allows you to choose a specific directory on your PC and have Diyusof Antivirus check for any potential threats. This is especially useful in the case of recently transferred document folders, when you are not entirely sure if their source is trustworthy.
The 'Process Scan' function enables you to quickly analyze the processes that are currently underway on your computer and make sure that none of them poses any risk.
Additionally, Diyusof Antivirus also provides you with a number of tools meant to simplify your work. As such, you can use the 'Process Manager' to pause or kill a selected process. The 'Diyusof Lock' feature allows you to select a particular computer drive and lock it, preventing others from accessing or modifying its contents.
Diyusof Antivirus is a simple antivirus solution that offers a set of basic tools to protect your PC against possible threats and attacks, which can prove sufficiently effective for the average computer user.


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VBA Password Recovery Crack+ Full Product Key Free Download

The application is a powerful tool that allows you to reset lost admin or owner password in Windows operating systems (versions XP, 2003, Vista).
The password recovery process only requires the installation of this very specific application on a local machine. It is very useful if you are already aware of the login name of user you would like to reset, or when you have to recover forgotten password of any user.
Read the instruction manual that comes with this tool and then press the [restore] button. If you need to reset another user’s password, rename this file to one of the existing user passwords you have.
How To Use This Free VBA Password Recovery Wizard:
After the installation process, the application will start to check your Windows version for you. If the application is installed, it will display the status of the installed version of the machine. Do not run the process if this status shows you the following error message:
Administrative functions enabled are not supported for this version.
Installing the VBA Password Recovery Wizard for the Microsoft Office Standard 2010 (VSTO 2010)
Install the VBA Password Recovery Wizard for the Microsoft Office Standard 2010 (VSTO 2010) which will enable the process to create a new developer account for Office to use. Note that you have to have an Office 2010 license key or personal install key to perform the process.
Open the folder where you installed the application in this tutorial.
To uninstall the application right-click on the application icon.
To install the VBA Password Recovery Wizard for the Microsoft Office Standard 2010 (VSTO 2010), double click the vba_passwordrecovery.exe icon. You can also select “File” – “Open” and select the vba_passwordrecovery.exe icon.
The wizard will start. If you have a password recovery license key, you will need to enter it and select the recover button.
If the password recovery mode is disabled in your registry settings, you can follow the wizard’s instructions to disable it:
* Click the “Start” button.
* Select the “Run” option.
* Open the Run dialog box.
* Locate the following registry value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\14.0\VSTORuntime\Passwords\
* Remove the following entry: Offcostpasswords.
* Click the “OK” button.
This will enable the password recovery to continue.
Note that

VBA Password Recovery Crack+ Free Download For PC

This product is designed to assist any Office user and will recover your password, stored in an excel file.
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VBA Password Recovery Download

VBA Password Recovery is an application that allows you to recover passwords that were stored in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. This is a relatively easy application to use, which enables you to make use of the Windows operating system authentication process.
The program works with the Windows Password Resetter technique, which makes use of HASH technique in order to decode the protected passwords. This makes it possible to decode all the protected passwords that are stored by the Windows operating system.
The utility offers you with two options:
Search for accounts that require a new password.
Account password retrieval.
Features a detailed wizard to guide you through the process
VBA Password Recovery is a tool that can be used by non-technical users to recover forgotten or lost passwords without the need to rely on the computer’s operating system itself.
VBA Password Recovery is an intuitive and user-friendly program that requires no special skills to operate. Also, it can be of great help if you’re trying to recover lost passwords on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Once you have enabled the program, you can choose which Windows Account you want to recover your password from and enter the current password in order to continue.
You can set the time period to try out the password by clicking the Time (1 Minute) button.
This is a useful tool that helps users recover forgotten passwords on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8

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What’s New In VBA Password Recovery?

VBA Password Recovery help you to recover excel password, excel sheet password, excel library password, excel user password, etc. What’s more, with this software you will also be able to recover excel master password if you forget master password.
VBA Password Recovery is a simple and user-friendly software, which makes it suitable for everyone. you can see the recovered password and crack it with fast speed. more than 100 kinds of excel password types supported.
Key Features:
1. Recover excel password.
2. Recover excel master password.
3. Recover excel library password.
4. Recover excel sheet password.
5. Recover excel user password.
6. Recover password of hidden excel file.
7. Recover vba password.
8. Recover current password.
9. Crack password with our password crack engine with a high speed and great memory.
10. Supports all kind of office workbooks(Excel 2007, 2010, 2013).
11. OpenOffice 3.x, OpenOffice 4.x, OpenOffice 5.x, OpenOffice 6.x, OpenOffice 7.x, OpenOffice 8.x.
12. Comes with a professional and user-friendly interface.
13. Supports all Excel-compatible formats.
14. Full system compatible
Price: $39.95
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System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, or 10 (64-bit)
8 GB of RAM
350 MB of available hard disk space
DirectX® 11 graphics card
Internet connection
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