Vendors Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 12th December 2018.


Buyers are solely responsible for asking questions and investigating Sellers and Marketplace Pages to the extent they feel is necessary before making a Payment. Wano Engineering does not endorse, guarantee, make representations, or provide warranties for or about the quality, safety, morality or legality of any Marketplace Page or the truth or accuracy of User Content posted on the Marketplace Pages. Buyers are responsible for submitting a valid and accurate shipping address when placing an order with a Wano Engineering. If a Payment is returned to a Buyer for any reason, the associated Products, if any, shall be canceled.


Buyers acknowledge that (1) each Seller is responsible for managing and prominently posting material policies on a Marketplace Page, including but not limited to policies governing refunds, returns, and exchanges, and (2) each Buyer is responsible for reading and understanding Wano Engineering return policy before placing an order.

Buyers may request a refund from Wano Engineering within seven (7) days of making Payment. If more than two (7) days since making Payment, Buyers must follow the Seller’s posted refund policy (or other applicable policies regarding exchanges or returns) and contact the Seller or Wano Engineering directly.

A Product order is eligible for a refund by Wano Engineering if a timely refund request has been made unless (a) funds have already been sent to the Seller for the order or (b) Wano Engineering determines that there has been an abuse of this Agreement. For refunds issued by Wano Engineering as a result of a claim under the return Shipping Policy, please see the return Shipping Policy section of this Agreement. Wano Engineering reserves the right to terminate User Accounts for any abuse of this refund policy.

Disputes between Sellers and Buyers

Sellers are legally bound to perform on any promise and/or commitment to Buyers (including shipping any Products). Wano Engineering does not recognize any third party and/or agency affiliated with the Marketplace Page as a Seller. If a Wano Engineering does not ship an ordered Product within the Guaranteed Shipping Date, Buyer may be entitled to a refund pursuant to guaranteed shipping policy stated below.

Wano Engineering is under no obligation to become involved in disputes between Users and any third party. In addition, Wano Engineering is under no obligation to become involved in disputes regarding the determination of the rightful Seller, and will not be obligated to make any changes to Seller accounts or transfer of ownership. In the event of any dispute, such as a Seller’s alleged failure to comply with this Agreement, we may provide the Seller’s contact information to the Buyer so that the two parties may resolve their dispute.

Guaranteed Shipping Policy

Wano Engineering is required to ship Products to Buyers on or before the Guaranteed Shipping Date. If (1) a Buyer does not receive the Product on or before the Guaranteed Delivery Date, and (2) the requirements for eligibility apply to the order that is the subject of the claim, then Wano Engineering will issue a refund of the total order price (the purchase price, plus shipping costs and any additional fees collected for tax or customs purposes) in accordance with this Guaranteed Shipping Policy.

– Eligibility to File a Claim

The Guaranteed Shipping Policy applies only to orders (1) that were made on a Marketplace Page in the Product Marketplace section of the Wano Engineering platform, and not to orders made through a third party, nor to Contributions made to a Campaign, (2) where Buyer has provided accurate information, including a valid and current ship-to address, during the order process, or a mutually agreed upon address with proof of the exchange between Buyer and Seller, and (3) where Buyer has provided a valid form of payment for the order, and Payment has been sent to Seller and is no longer within Buyer’s control. The Guaranteed Shipping Policy does not apply in situations outside of Seller’s or Wano Engineering control, including but not limited to delivery obstructions or delays due to weather, natural disasters, civil unrest, or acts of God.

– Filing a Claim

Before making a claim under the Guaranteed Shipping Policy, a Buyer must (1) attempt to contact Wano Engineering through either the “Contact us” mechanism on the Marketplace Page, or via the email listed on the Marketplace Page, and (2) take a screenshot of the sent message or email to the Seller.

If Seller has not responded within two (2) days to Buyer’s refund request, then Buyer may submit a claim to  with all of the following required information: (1) the email address Buyer used to place the order, (2) the Wano Engineering order number, and (3) the screenshot of the attempt to contact the Seller. Wano Engineering will then process the Guaranteed Shipping Policy claim and will issue a refund within 14 days. The refund will either be bank transfer or Mpesa.

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