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Virtua Cop 3 (Screenshot)

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Virtua Cop 3 Screenshot

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Arcade, PC

Game Release Date

Mar 17, 2003

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60 mb

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Dec 3, 2020
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Virtua Cop 3 is a 2.5D action game. There are different controls for different actions such as shooting, walking, kicking, running, jumping, and driving. It is similar to .
Initially the game had no story, but by the time the story mode came out, the story mode had something to do with an .
Unlike the previous game, which is based on a Greek novel, the world of Virtua Cop 3 is based on Japanese manga and anime .
A .

Characters and Reception
Virtua Cop 3 introduced an animated character named Jacky the Ripper, who was introduced in Virtua Cop .
His relationship with Patrick Street’s character was unchanged in the sequel .
Visually, Virtua Cop 3 is very similar to Virtua Cop 2 .

A fourth installment was released for the Playstation. In 1994, an upgrade to Virtua Cop 2 was released called Virtua Cop 2 Deluxe. In 1997, there was a Japanese localization of Virtua Cop 2 called .

Virtua Cop 4 was released in 2000 for the PlayStation 2, and has some new features such as the ability to make police cars shoot.


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