Origin of wallpaper

16th century seems to be a long time ago but it is insinuated that the earliest wallpapers were used to decorate at that time. They were being used by merchants to decorate their houses and their cupboards too. Aristocrats are said not to have used them since they were thought to be poor people’s decorations.

Rapid change

Going through my mother’s album, I tend to find it fascinating especially due to the fashion and trend of clothes and hairstyles they used to have. The fashion industry as well as the decoration industry can be equated in the same category due to the rapid change in cycles that they portray. Am very sure that it is rare to find someone dressed in a bell bottom and Afro hairstyle.

Girls psychology

Growing up, I had the privilege of sneaking into my brother’s room. On his wall was this blue band packaging paper wallpaper. The same case with my cousin’s room and the rest of their age mates. I do not really know where this papers came from but they added a good look to the houses walls. One would not note the even pieces of timber that were added to seal the holes from the framework and timber. The music too from under the bed speaker in an old jerry can may you feel comfortable. I think it was a way to lure the shy rural girls to stay. Let’s leave that alone for now.

Cemented sisal sacks

Honestly speaking, that was a part of wall papers and as time went on, people learnt new ways of decorating their houses. Some, especially those who were lucky enough opted to mix cement and sisal sacks. This seems so nice and it would be used both as the ceiling and wall decoration. Retired chiefs and public servants can bear witness to this

Maroon Floor

As time went by, people started building more modern houses and thus the decorating materials and designs had to change and evolve with time too. More permanent and buildings came up. People then resulted to using Lead Oxide on their floors with wall painting. This seemed to amaze everyone until they learnt the art of mixing colors and blend them to get the perfect and desired match. This was not all. Wall paper decoration was added to the menu as if it never existed

Beauty and class

The emergence of modern and trendy interior and exterior wall decorations in homes and commercial places such as offices has been embraced globally. Wallpapers have been used widely. This is because; they can match with other interior products such as curtains, they can be customized and also easy to install or fix and also due to the fact that they are easily removed from the wall without it being degradation.

Liquid Wallpaper

Lately liquid wallpaper decoration is being used to decorate walls and ceiling in commercial and residential places. They are made of natural ingredients and looks very original. Its available in different colors and texture hence the user is in a position to choose which kind of wallpaper they desire. It is also easily removed from the wall in case it is not needed anymore. They are very effective since they mask all wall cavities, scratches and unevenness.

Choice is yours

It is upon you to choose what kind of wallpaper you need at your home. Contact us any day or any time and we will be there for you. You don’t need to struggle anymore.


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