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Why did the erection disappear in the morning, what to do?

Every healthy man, starting from adolescence, is daily confronted with such a physiological manifestation as a morning erection, or in other words, a boner. There are misconceptions that this process is directly related to the sexuality of men. Women often associate this with erotic dreams or fantasies, but there is no sexual subtext here. This phenomenon has an involuntary character

In modern realities, a situation is increasingly emerging when the “macho” has lost morning potency, which provokes the fear of a complete loss of attraction to women. Quite often men do not know what to do and give in to panic. However, the lack of an erection in the morning is only in some cases caused by impotence, sometimes the reason for this is nervous tension or fatigue. If there is no spontaneous swelling of the penis for longer than a month, you should contact a specialist. So why is this happening, how to restore a man’s health?

Why does morning erection occur?

What causes spontaneous morning potency? This dilemma is of interest to many, since the phenomenon of “raising” the sexual organ happens in teenagers, mature men, and children. Straightening of the sexual organ is a natural physiological phenomenon of an increase in volume and its hardening in a healthy representative of the stronger sex. Experts still do not agree on the root of this process. However, there are several theories that explain spontaneous erection:

  • hormonal – a powerful release of androgen is produced in the early morning, which contributes to the filling of the foreskin with fluid;
  • filling of the bladder, its shell presses on the nerve endings, causes spontaneous penis elevation;
  • prevention of oxygen starvation of soft tissues – this process is a consequence of arterial blood renewal and protects the organ from circulatory stagnation.

Theorists and practitioners agree that the reproductive organ of a person in good health should swell for at least 20 minutes a day, but the situation when the penis is in an excited state for more than 1.5 hours also indicates a violation of the work of the organ. With age, male potency gradually decreases, which is caused by physiological changes in the body.

Lifestyle and potency of men

There are individual factors of male health disorders that depend on a person’s lifestyle. Harmful habits and an inert sedentary lifestyle have the opportunity to negatively affect his potency, give rise to the absence of a morning riser. Smoking is the most risky, because nicotine in tobacco smoke settles on the walls of blood vessels, disrupting blood circulation. Therefore, tobacco should be abandoned first of all. Alcohol, even in small doses, can disrupt the normal production of hormones in the body. An exception can be made only for a glass of red wine or cognac. Overdose of antidepressants, sedatives, tranquilizers, steroids, diuretics can provoke loss of potency in the morning.

Every year more and more young people are interested in the virtual world, spending many hours at the computer. Unfortunately, sitting in front of the monitor for a long time not only spoils vision, posture, but also adversely affects sexual strength. A sedentary lifestyle disrupts blood circulation throughout the body, including the penis. It should be noted that excessive physical activity can also provoke dysfunction.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Regular morning penis lifting in males begins in adolescence and decreases over the years. This is provoked by a decrease in the number of hormones. After 45 years, morning erection appears less and less, and after 70 years it can disappear completely. Some men retain good potency and sexual activity even in much older years. These changes are triggered by physiological characteristics, but there are other factors.

Often the lack of morning potency is caused by individual circumstances, which doctors divide into two groups psychological and physiological:

  • psychological psychological trauma (stressful situations, quarrels, scandals, experiences), poor sleep, fatigue, high mental loads;
  • physiological bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs), inactivity (sedentary lifestyle), various internal diseases (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity, hormonal dysfunction, genitourinary infections, prostatitis, prostate tumors), external influence (vibration, industrial toxins, increased radiation background), improper nutrition.

It should be noted that psychological reasons inherent in young men, dictated by restlessness, a hard hectic working day or financial problems.

In more than 70% of the facts, doctors call a violation of the blood supply in the penis the source of the lack of a morning erection. It is provoked by prostatitis, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, diseases of the cardiovascular system. In 20%, the disease is probably caused by hormonal dysfunction, which not only reduces libido, but also causes baldness and weight gain. The remaining 10% of violations of this function are provoked by brain or spinal cord injuries, developmental defects and nervous system disorders. Often the latter factors do not respond to effective treatment.


Often the reason why the morning boner has disappeared in the stronger sex is exhaustion. A busy working day leads to overwork, leaves very little time for sleep. The lack of satisfactory rest leads to a lack of hormone production that promotes an erection. Doctors note that the body does not produce the necessary amount of testosterone even for five hours of sleep. As practice shows, after a good night’s sleep, this function in a man returns to normal.

Prolonged exhaustion of the body can cause the so-called asthenic form of impotence. This type of ailment is characteristic of men with intense physical and mental stress, who work on the edge of their capabilities. Oddly enough, the more a person works, the less he is interested in women.

Severe stress

The absence of a morning erection can be a source of severe stress. In a state of considerable nervous tension, a man’s body secretes hormones: adrenaline, nor adrenaline, cortisone. They block the production of testosterone, which provokes a decrease in libido, as well as the lack of morning potency. Among other things, overexertion disrupts the heart rate and blood pressure.

If a man discovers a violation of the sexual organ, you should not panic and wind yourself up. This can aggravate the condition.

Development of a certain disease

The main reason for the violation of potency is still poor health. Studies have shown that often the loss of arousal can be caused by one of the diseases.

Diabetes mellitus – due to impaired sugar absorption, blood vessels become less flexible, which disrupts blood flow.

Hypertension – or high blood pressure leads to severe vascular loads and knocks down the work of the whole body.

Atherosclerosis – in this disease, atherosclerotic plaques form on the walls of blood vessels, as a result of which the blood supply to all organs is disrupted.

Genitourinary infections are often accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as burning, itching and discharge from the urethra.

Prostatitis is an inflammatory process in the glandular organ, which provokes a violation of urination.

Prostate tumors – symptoms are similar to prostatitis.

Coronary heart disease – with this inferiority, the myocardium does not function well, as a result of which the heart pumps blood poorly, provoking a lack of blood in the legs and, of course, in the penis.

Obesity – a lot of excess weight creates a strong overload of all organs and blood vessels, disrupts the work of the heart, causes hypertension.

Any of these diseases have their own characteristics and clinical picture, ultimately lead to a violation of blood circulation inside the penis, as well as to the fact that there is no erection in the morning. Under these conditions, in order to resume an involuntary erection, it is necessary to identify and cure the disease that caused poor health. If the source of the malaise was an infection, it is necessary to refrain from sexual relations for the period of treatment. Such a measure is necessary in order to prevent a relapse of the disease.

What to do in the absence of a morning erection?

If there is no morning riser from a few days to four weeks, then do not panic. This is most likely a consequence of stress or overwork. The absence of a morning erection for more than a month is already a reason for going to the doctor. Solving the problem sometimes requires visiting different doctors (urologist, neurologist, sex therapist, etc.) and conducting many examinations. The specialist will give a referral for a blood test, urine for the presence of hormones in it, sperm examination for the number and activity of spermatozoa, ultrasound of the prostate, ECG, as well as a rectal examination of the prostate. Only a specialist will find out the cause of the dysfunction, as well as select medication individually for each patient.

It should be remembered that regular sex strengthens the work of the reproductive system, helps to restore an erection, and incorrect therapy can cause complications. Therefore, it is better to abandon self-medication.

How to return morning potency?

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