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A command line interface or CLI allows you to interact with your computer using text commands. This way you can run various applications and task in a more concise and secure way.
If you possess some advanced computer skills then a command line interface should pose no problem for you. But if you find that writing all those lines of commands to execute a simple task is time consuming and inefficient, then you need a way to automate it.
Windows Converter is a tool designed to help you do just that. You can use it to generate command line applications that display an interface and makes them much more easier to use. To be able to do this though, you need to be very well acquainted to how the actual command line works, all its lines of text and how to combine them using Windows Converter to build your application.
With Windows Converter creating a versatile and multi-purpose application is out of discussion. You can only build apps that are task focused, meaning that they can only do one thing. You can create an application that sends an email but if you need that application to send and email with an attachment, then you either need to modify the application’s structure or build a new one entirely.
Windows Converter displays a comprehensive and straightforward interface which makes it easy to use. You get to add as many parameters as you want, add their descriptions and choose from flag, string, file open, file save, directory and number types. You also get to add a name for your application, its welcome message and a caption for the ‘Run’ button. The fact that you can add all the text content for the applications’ interface makes it very easy to create them in any language and distribute them.
All in all, Windows Converter is definitely a tool that can help you save time and work more efficiently but it’s not for the average user.







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What’s New in the?

The Windows Converter Tool is an easy and efficient way of making your own Windows applications.
All applications created with the Windows Converter are a first-class Windows application with unique graphical properties. Additionally, applications created with the Windows Converter are a true application with a unique icon that can be installed on the system.

The Microsoft Email Wizard is an easy tool that will help you with the process of bulk emailing. Instead of having to write out a program to do the same, you can use the Microsoft Email Wizard to do it.
The Microsoft Email Wizard allows you to add all kinds of recipients and send them all in one easy step. You can add them in a specific order, save your work and have multiple files attached to the email. You can also see who has downloaded the program or what version of the application they are running.
The Microsoft Email Wizard makes it easy to perform most tasks with the Windows Mail program. You can add multiple messages and folders, edit addresses or change the properties of a single message. You can also move a message from one folder to another, delete the message, mark the message as read or unread and flag it as personal or business.
The Microsoft Email Wizard does allow you to send a single message. But if you want to send multiple messages to different recipients at the same time, then you will need to use a different tool.
How to use:
To use the Microsoft Email Wizard, click on “New Message” in the main interface. A new message will be created. You can then add recipients, send the email and see the progress.


The Microsoft Direct Access Managed Driver is a software driver for a video capture card that is normally used in a computer to record video from a camera or a microphone.
The video capture card will receive commands from a computer to perform a specific task. It works in the background, recording or capturing video that is being displayed on your computer. The video captured from the card will be stored in a specified directory on your computer.
The Microsoft Direct Access Managed Driver allows you to schedule the video capture process. You can set the start time, the length of the recording and you can also select the task to be performed on each video capture. You can also choose to store the recorded video in a video file or in a photo album.
The Microsoft Direct Access Managed Driver is a powerful tool for capturing video. But it does take a lot of time to schedule a recording and there are limitations for the length of the recording you can perform.
How to use:
To use the Microsoft Direct Access Managed Driver, connect the video capture card to your computer and follow the steps in the “How to install” section to perform the setup.


The MS RichText Toolbar is a very useful application

System Requirements For Windows Converter:

OS: Windows XP

Windows XP Processor: 1GHz or faster processor
1GHz or faster processor Memory: 512MB RAM required (1GB recommended)
512MB RAM required (1GB recommended) Graphics: Graphics Card with at least 32MB VRAM, DirectX 8.0 compatible
Graphics Card with at least 32MB VRAM, DirectX 8.0 compatible Display: 1024×768 or higher resolution display
1024×768 or higher resolution display USB: USB 2.0 port
Minimum Configuration:
OS: Windows Vista
Windows Vista Processor

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