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Copy data from one table to another table with respect to some column

I want to copy data from one table to another table with respect to some column. I want to add values from column “a” from “table1” to column “b” in “table2” then write result in “table1”.
I do this:
SELECT a, b, c, d, e
FROM Table1

But I want to add “Table1.a” values to Table2.b values
How can I do that?


You can do it with CROSS APPLY:
Insert into table2
(columnb, columc, columnd, columne)
Cross apply (Select “Table1”, a, b, c, d, e from table1) t

Note: if a.columnb not exist in Table2, you can use cross apply like this
Insert into table2
(columb, columc, columnd, columne)
Select t.columb, t.columc, t.columd, t.colume from (SELECT “Table1”, a, b, c, d, e from table1) as t

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I laughed and said: ‘You’re just a man.’ He wasn’t amused. I think he really believed that weekends were, for men, a period of the year when it is bad to get anything done.

Today, I really have to laugh at this view.

In our modern world, technology has enabled us to be more productive, whether at work, on our own or with our family. We can communicate with anyone around the world instantaneously and it is







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