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Electrical Services

Our Electrical team at Wano Engineering Systems Electrical solutions is capable of delivering custom solutions for all your electrical needs.

Solar Energy Solutions

At Wano Engineering Systems,  our Solar Energy team is dedicated to offering you dedicated specialized clean energy solutions.

Gypsum Designs Services

As regards to our Gypsum Designs solutions, we are committed to delivering the very best in high-end design and luxury living that fulfills any client’s expectations through collaborations and exceptional services.

Water Dispenser Sanitizations & RO Systems

Water Dispenser is a convenient way to offer clean water for drinking in Offices, Homes, clinics, and Gyms etc. Although the water we run through them is clean bottled water; Germs and unwanted growths quickly occur in these moist environments

Blogs & Latest News


PRICING OF ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS ‘Thank you very much and come again.’ That is what they will always tell you after purchasing an electrical product. What don’t they tell you? Or


HIDDEN CAMERAS I grew up in the age where having a picture would cost you much time than money; if you still believe that time is money. You wonder why?

ELECTRIC FENCES AND RAZOR WIRES Goosebums When it comes to security, we all get goosebums. Reason being: am not also sure if its because we fear death or injuries. What

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